Solar monoblock batteries with mantenance

Solar monoblock batteries with mantenance

Monoblock solar batteries are small batteries, generally up to 250A ideal for small solar installations.

Monoblok solar batteries are easy to install and assemble and due to their low price compared to other types of batteries they are in high demand.

Monoblock solar batteress usually have voltages of 6V or 12V so they can be put alone or connected in series or in parallel

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Battery Tensite 12V 185HC XC2 265Ah

Product no.: 1705102

280.21 *
Product data sheet

Battery Sealed Blue 260Ah 12V Tensite

Product no.: 1708812

265.00 *

Battery 6V 450Ah Tensite

Product no.: 1708845 Disponible el 28 de junio

335.00 *

Trojan Battery Trojan monoblock 27TMX 117A 12V

Product no.: 27TMX

349.00 *

Trojan 27TMH 128A 12v monoblock batery

Product no.: 27TMH

409.00 *

Trojan J185P-AC 226A 12v monoblock batery

Product no.: J185P-AC

499.00 *

Trojan J150 166A 12v monoblock batery

Product no.: J150

475.00 *

Trojan J305P monoblock battery-6V AC 367A

Product no.: J305P-AC

570.00 *

Trojan J185E-AC 194A 12v monoblock battery

Product no.: J185E-AC

595.00 *

Battery Trojan L16P-AC monoblock 467a 6V

Product no.: L16P-AC

689.00 *

Trojan J185HG-AC 249A 12v monoblock batery

Product no.: J185HG-AC

715.00 *

Deka Marine DC27 Battery 100Ah/C100 12V

Product no.: DC27

Thsi product is ut of stock

229.00 *

Battery Deka Marine DC31DT 131Ah/C100 12V

Product no.: DC31DT

Thsi product is ut of stock

265.00 *

Battery Deka Promaster 244Ah/C100 12V

Product no.: 8c12

Thsi product is ut of stock

490.00 *

Solar battery Rolls 24HT80 106AH C100 A 12V

Product no.: 211-200-106

259.00 *

Bateria monoblock 200A C10 -240A C100 con ácido FAAM

Product no.: 72004014

290.00 *

VRLA monoblock battery sealed without maintenance 250A

Product no.: bat273

329.00 *

6V and 400A solar battery free of maintenance.

Product no.: BAT328

439.00 *

UPS with compact DIN rail lithium battery

Product no.: RPS1215DRL

From 199.00 *
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