Solar kits for balconies

Solar kits for balconies

Imagine having a set of solar panels on your balcony that generate electricity for you. These kits, designed for self-consumption, convert sunlight into energy that you can use directly at home. It's like having your own personalized solar energy source. You can power your electrical appliances with the electricity you produce, thus reducing your dependence on the conventional electrical grid. It is a simple and efficient way to harness solar energy for your daily needs. Your balcony becomes your little solar power station!

Balcony kits with flexible panels     Balcony kits with rigid panels


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Kit solar para balcón de 400W con flexible solar panel

Product no.: fam400

490.00 *

Solar balcony kit of 800W with flexible solar panel

Product no.: fam800

759.00 *

1000W balcony solar kit and 960W microinverter

Product no.: 4001010

489.00 *

400W on-grid solar kit to install on balcony

Product no.: VWC-300-2

748.00 *

800W on-grid solar kit to install on balcony

Product no.: VWC-400-2

1,299.00 *

Balcony Power station Solar 800W (4x200W)

Product no.: VWC-600-6

Product out of stock

1,455.00 *
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