Solar collectors

Solar collectors


Solar collectors are the part of the solar water heating heating system that captures radiation and heat from the sun making it one of the most important pairs in a solar system.

We have solar collectors of the 3 types that are marketed at the moment, flat plate solar collectors, vacuum tube solar collectors and vacuum tube solar collectors for heat pipe systems.

Flat plate solar collectors    Solar collectors vacuum tube     Heat pipe solar collectors

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Solar thermal collector Galem VS 2.0

Product no.: VS 2.0

470.00 *

Solar thermal collector Galem VH 2.0

Product no.: VH 2.0

520.00 *

Solar collector Escosol 2800 XBA 2.8 m2

Product no.: SO01013

469.00 *

Solar thermal collector Galem VS 2.7

Product no.: VS 2.7

599.00 *

Hybrid solar panel 250W hot water and electricity

Product no.: pvtcrane

649.00 *

Hibrid solar panels

Product no.: hybrid

1,215.00 *

300W Ecovolt hybrid solar panel

Product no.: Ecovolt

569.00 *

265W Ecomesh hybrid solar panel

Product no.: Ecomesh

839.00 *

Solar collector Saclima EL-21

Product no.: E-21

This product is out of stock

415.00 *

Solar collector Saclima L-21

Product no.: L-21

This product is out of stock

490.00 *
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