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If you need a quote for a self-consumption installation, you can do so at this link: ON-GRIDD SOLAR INSTALLATION QUOTE

Aluminum profile for balcony solar panel LS-BK-B1

Product no.: LS-BK-B1

89.00 *

400W on-grid solar kit to install on balcony

Product no.: VWC-300-2

748.00 *

800W on-grid solar kit to install on balcony

Product no.: VWC-400-2

1,299.00 *

Tile red color Solar Panel

Product no.: Panel de colores-0011

Panel of this is sold on request (Ask for quotation). We are at your service.

Product data sheet

LONGI panel 375W Efficient PERC monocrystalline module

Product no.: 31-112813

185.00 *
Product data sheet

JA Solar 500W panel with PERC type monocrystalline cells

Product no.: 1002327

199.00 *

SunPower SPR-P6-410-BLK Solar Panel

Product no.: SPR-P6-410-BLK

355.00 *
Product data sheet

Caravan Solar Kit 800W 12V 1000Whdia with Gel Battery

Product no.: 4007015

1,009.00 *

System for purification of pools without pump

Product no.: KIT093

1,825.00 *

Solar Pumping Kit for 1.5cv

Product no.: 4501032

3,019.00 *

Self-consumption Solar Kit 6000W 30kWhday

Product no.: 4001084

14,875.00 *

Inverter Charger Growatt SPF 5000 ES 48V 100A

Product no.: 3004254

790.00 *
Product data sheet

SMA Sunny Boy 2.0 self-consumption inverter

Product no.: AU-3207030

965.00 *

Huawei SUN2000-5KTL-L1 5000W inverter

Product no.: 3200346

In stock from 13/09/2023

1,439.00 *
Product data sheet

FRONIUS Primo GEN24 5kW Hybrid Inverter

Product no.: 3208074

2,999.00 *

AGM 12V 150Ah Tensite Battery for Solar Installations

Product no.: 1708042-Disponible 15/06/2023

189.00 *

12v 100A/1305W Ultimatron Lithium Solar Battery

Product no.: UBL-12V-100AH

699.00 *
Product data sheet

Pylontech lithium battery 48V 3.5kw / h US3000

Product no.: LIT0600

1,215.00 *

Growatt AX 5.0kwh 48vcd Lithium Battery

Product no.: SW1108

2,290.00 *
Product data sheet

Mini solar tracker of 3.2 m2

Product no.: sf04

715.00 *

Solar tracker 1 axis w backstr for 2 panels 0122

Product no.: ST40M2V2P

1,349.00 *

Solar tracker 2 axes w backstr for 4 solar panels

Product no.: ST44M2V4P

1,490.00 *

Solar tracker with 20 m2 of modular area

Product no.: SF20SD

5,320.00 / unit(s) *
Tax included and free shipment to spain
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Blog with questions and answer

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