Solar heating by hot air

Solar heating by hot air


Solar heating is the cheapest way to heat your house, warehouse or any other place.

Its operation is simple, they concentrate the sun's energy by heating the air inside, once heated with a small fan activated by a small solar panel, it introduces the hot air into the room.

Solar heating panels are manufactured in different sizes for different sizes of rooms.

Solar heating on roof    Solar heating on wall

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Equipment solar heating until 25 m2

Product no.: SV3

348.00 *

Equipment solar heating until 50 m2

Product no.: SV7

550.00 *
Old price 645.00 €

Equipment solar heating until 80 m2

Product no.: SV14

949.00 *
Old price 1,129.00 €

Equipment solar heating until 100 m2

Product no.: SV20

1,199.00 *
Old price 1,499.00 €

Equipment solar heating until 150 m2

Product no.: SV30

1,730.00 *
Old price 1,995.00 €

Solar hot air heating up to 20m2

Product no.: KW-Ecoair 60

579.00 *

Solar hot air heating up to 40m2

Product no.: KW-Ecoair 120

829.00 *

Solar hot air heating up to 70m2

Product no.: KW-Ecoair 220

1,145.00 *

3 solar panels for solar heating

Product no.: SV[1]

From 995.00 *


Product no.: Kit SV7 / SV14

279.00 *
Old price 300.00 €

Equipment solar heating

Product no.: SV

From 348.00 *
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