Solar heating Twinsolar 1.3

Product no.: Twin 1.3

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Solar heating TWINSOLAR designed for areas of 10-20 m2.


By solar cells that generate electricity triggers the ventilator, it drives the outside air through a filter, to aluminum is in the interior of the collector. The outside air is heated and insulated conduit inserted into the housing. When the interior has reached the temperature set in a thermostat, the system shuts down. Even for long periods of absence from the house, the system provides a safe, dry environment.

TwinSolar compact is fully autonomous and works without photovoltaics.


? Maximum heat gain

? Operation based on solar radiation

? No operating costs

? Compact module ready for operation

? Quick assembly

? Integrated fan

? Long life and safe operation


Technical Data:

  • To warm:                  10 to 20 m2
  • Collector length:      1.45 m
  • Manifold width:         0.89 m
  • Weight:                       29 Kg
  • Thermal Power:       0.7 kWp
  • Air flow:                      80 m3 / h (with a radiation of 700 W/m2)
  • Fan power:                4 W
  • Temp increased       30 K (with a radiation of 700 W/m2)

Additional product information

Area heated Area 15 to 20 m2

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