Solar kits for motorhome

Solar kits for motorhome

Motorhome solar kits represent a leap towards energy independence as we explore the world. This exciting solution combines the freedom of life on the road with the sustainable energy of the sun. Designed specifically for motorhomes, these kits integrate efficient solar panels and smart charging components to provide clean electricity wherever you go.
Whether it is to power household appliances, charge electronic devices or keep the lights on, these solar kits allow us to enjoy nature comfortably and with respect for the environment. Find out how these solar kits are transforming the way we travel and experience life on the go.

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Malaga offer

Offer of portable and folding panels ideal for caravans, motorhomes and camper vans for the Malaga area

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Portable flexible solar panel 100W 12V

Product no.: LS-100FD-MC4

319.00 *

Portable flexible solar panel 100W 12V with controller

Product no.: LS-100FD

349.00 *

Solar kit for motorhome 100W

Product no.: LS-100FX1+LS-N10AM-5M_5F

449.00 *

Solar Kit for Caravans 12V 1000Whdia

Product no.: 4007011

495.00 *

Solar kit for caravans 600W 12V and 1500Wdia

Product no.: 4007018

549.00 *
Old price 849.00 €

Solar Kit for Caravans 600W 12V 1000Whdia

Product no.: 4007012

565.00 *

Manta solar portátil extensible de 360W 12V

Product no.: LS-360BK -FM

915.00 *

Solar Kit Camper van 500W 12V 2000w day

Product no.: 4002006

969.00 *
Old price 999.00 €

Caravan Solar Kit 800W 12V 1000Whdia with Gel Battery

Product no.: 4007015

1,009.00 *

400W waterproof portable solar kit for motorhomes

Product no.: LS-400BK

1,039.00 *

Portable photovoltaic system E-Box

Product no.: E-Box

1,195.00 *

Portable solar kit 300W 12V with waterproof MPPT

Product no.: LS-300ST

735.00 *

Solar kit with 200W and 12V MPPT foldable solar panel

Product no.: LS-200FD-MPPT

530.00 *

200W 12V Portable and Foldable Solar Panel

Product no.: LS-200BK-MC-4

519.00 *

200W Solar Blanket Kit with MPPT Controller

Product no.: LS-200BK-MPPT

529.00 *

Solar Kit 200W 12V without Battery

Product no.: 4002537

210.00 *

200w solar panel kit with battery

Product no.: 4002538

389.00 *

Solar Lighting Kit 160W with Battery

Product no.: 4002529

319.00 *

75W Solar Panel Kit with Battery

Product no.: 4002518

179.00 *

Portable solar kit 1500W battery and foldable 160W solar panel.

Product no.: ULT-1500[1]

1,199.00 *

Portable solar kit 1500W battery and foldable 200W solar panel.

Product no.: ULT-1500[2]

1,249.00 *
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