LED and Energy efficiency

LED and Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency simply means using less energy to accomplish the same task - that is, eliminating energy waste.

Energy efficiency brings a variety of benefits: reducing greenhouse gas emissions, reducing demand for energy imports, and reducing our domestic and economic costs.

We have a large number of products to improve the energy efficiency of your home, office or company: LED lighting, programmers, counters, energy savers ...

LED lighting    Energy Savers     Consumption counters

Programmers and timers

Programmers and timers

Schedule the use of your appliances with our range of products while saving energy with your electric timer.

LED lighting and low consumption

LED lighting and low consumption

We have all the products for LED lighting and low consumption, bulbs, spotlights, spotlights with solar panel.

Consumption counters

Consumption counters

We have many different devices to measure the consumption of your home, office or company and even certified sonters.

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Digital timer 48V for solar systems

Product no.: PD48V

22.00 *

Study of energy efficiency

Product no.: factorenergía

Save energy for home

Product no.: aeh

25.00 *

Ecological farm Extractor from 10" to 26"

Product no.: ExEo- 0"

From 229.00 *

Hybrid wind extractor 16"

Product no.: EEOHy

From 795.00 *

Save energy for factory 10 Kw

Product no.: AH-0002

232.00 *

Save energy for factory 20 Kw

Product no.: AH-0003

261.00 *

Save energy for factory 30 Kw

Product no.: AH-0004

290.00 *

Save energy for factory 60 Kw

Product no.: AH-0005

329.00 *

Save energy for factory 100 Kw

Product no.: AH-0006

435.00 *

Energy saving system of 1 kW / day

Product no.: Microkit solar 1 kW

530.00 *

heating water save system

Product no.: adam

710.00 *

Solar kit hybrid 200 litros and 230W

Product no.: hybrid2

3,369.00 *

City wind power

Product no.: enflo0071

5,200.00 *

Solar kit hybrid 350 litros and 460W

Product no.: hybrid3

5,310.00 *

Urban Wind power 2.250 W

Product no.: air250

This product has beed dincontinued by the manufacturer

8,750.00 / unit(s) *

Server for home automation

Product no.: 100001

498.00 *

Power saver

Product no.: 855893241

55.00 *

Energy saving system of 2 kW / day

Product no.: Kit solar 2kw

898.00 *

Inflatable solar pillow with led light

Product no.: BI-V0100703

15.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 50W LED spotlight

Product no.: PS50W-6K

49.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 60W LED spotlight

Product no.: C-PROYCTR-60W-SLR-CNTRL

59.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 100W LED spotlight

Product no.: PS100W-6K

85.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 200W LED spotlight

Product no.: PS200W-6K[1]

99.00 *

Solar lamp with 60W panel and lithium-ion battery

Product no.: JA-JNL-74530

119.00 *

Solar lamp with 200W panel and lithium-ion battery

Product no.: JA-JNL-74560

199.00 *

LED solar wall spotlight with motion sensor

Product no.: K-K45

19.00 *

LED Solar Outdoor Light Sensor

Product no.: 1889743477

25.00 *

Solar LED outdoor focus with sensor

Product no.: 1073773213

79.00 *
Old price 95.00 €

Solar outdoor spotlight 3lm with LED light

Product no.: 2504004

25.00 *

Outdoor solar lantern lamp 1lm 155x155x180mm

Product no.: 2504001

25.00 *

Pack of 6 Solar Garden Lights in the shape of a flower

Product no.: 4006084

60.00 *

Solar light lamp for garden or outdoors 6lm

Product no.: 2504011

25.00 *

Pack of 6 units of Solar Street Lights for Outdoors

Product no.: 4006105

70.00 *

Solar light lamp for garden and outdoor 5lm

Product no.: 2504008

29.00 *

Pack of 8 units of Solar Lights for Garden or Outdoor

Product no.: 4006092

73.00 *
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1 - 36 of 50 results