Solar kit hybrid 200 litros and 230W

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With this solar kit you can get electricity to lower your electricity bill while having free hot water.


Solar Kit 160 liter and 230 W / h of electricity.

With this kit you can get electricity to reduce your electric bill while having free hot water.
When two technologies come together in a single product and they both give the best results in terms of performance and resource utilization of renewable solar energy, are called hybrids.
The kit includes:
  • A hybrid photovoltaic and thermal solar panel
  • Microinverter Network Connection to 260W
  • Accumulator 160 liters
  • Pumping equipment with digital control .
  • Glass expasión 18 liters
  • Liquid calotransportador .
  • Does not include brackets .
HYBRID is the best expression of the hybrid technique , where all changes can be reused without waste. Not everyone knows that the heat produced by a photovoltaic panel during operation, reducing their efficiency significantly. In fact, during the months of so , most PV systems are being punished by overheating of the panels with the consequent loss of performance in terms of energy produced.
Red Hybrid , thanks to a special float and independent exchanger heat from the solar panels , "capture" this excess heat and flows through a circuit which transfers the solar fluid to a heat exchanger. Through this process , the solar cell is maintained at a temperature very close to the ideal for the production depotencia maximum .
The thermal energy recovered can be used in various thermal systems to save energy.
HYBRID , due to increased production of electricity from a photovoltaic panel of equal power, but also offers the advantage of sercapaz reduce installed solar field , plus not less important factors in one system to install a menorfotovoltaica impact / heat and therefore the environment.
The advantages of this technology are:
- Increased production of electricity;
- Hot water production ;
- Integration of low temperature heating ;
- Heating swimming pools ;
- Integration with heat pumps ;
- Thaw and melting winter snow ;
- Chill solar field in the warmer seasons ;
- Reduced costs compared to a double ( solar thermal ysolar );
- Surfaces less and less environmental impact ;
- Maximum safety during operation ;
- Less solar cell aging , due to temperature control ;
- Improve the functioning of the inverter and then increased durability and performance

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