Flexible Solar Panel 100W 12V

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The 100W 12V Flexible Solar Panel is highly efficient and flexible enough to have a maximum curvature of 15-20º.


Characteristics of the Flexible Solar Panel 100W 12V

The 100W 12V Flexible Solar Panel is a panel that can be used in campsites, caravans or boats and has an efficiency of more than 20.40%. Depending on the technology with which the solar cells are manufactured, the panels can be monocrystalline or poly crystalline, and it is important to know what the differences are between these two types of panels in order to know which type of cell is suitable for the place where the installation is going to be carried out solar.

The 100W 12V Flexible Solar Panel uses a technique called back contact. Basically, the panel is covered with flexible materials that end up forming it. In addition, the cells have a high efficiency, so they can cover a wide range of applications, as mentioned above.

Any manipulation of the product will imply an immediate loss of the guarantee.


Buy Flexible Solar Panel 100W 12V

At AutoSolar you can buy the 100W 12V Flexible Solar Panel individually. You can also find in our category of isolated solar kits different options with all the built-in devices for places where the electricity grid does not reach, so they provide absolute autonomy and independence from electricity companies. During daytime hours, the energy that will be consumed will be from the solar panels and will be stored in the batteries to be used during the nighttime hours.

On the other hand, if what you want is to reduce the electricity bill from your electric company by resorting to the services of the electric company during night hours or when photovoltaic energy is not available due to weather conditions, we recommend the solar connection kits to network.

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