Solar controller Victron Bluesolar 20A 12/24V

Product no.: TE-CHA064

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Solar regulator of 10A 12 / 24V of the brand Victron Energy model Blue Power with Led signaling


Victron solar regulators are one of the most advanced regulators, with the Victron Bluesolar 20A regulator you can connect two or three panels depending on the power of these regardless of whether they are 12V or 24V

Installing a Victron Bluesolar solar regulator to your solar installation ensures good quality.

  • Victron Energy Charge Controller BlueSolar 12/24-20A, with automatic voltage selection (12 or 24) of 20 Amps Rated Load Current.
  • PWM (pulse width modulation) low cost.
  • Internal temperature sensor.
  • Charging batteries three stage (bulk, absorption and float).
  • Protected against overcurrent.
  • Protected against short circuits.
  • Protected against reverse polarity connection of the solar panels and / or battery.
  • Disconnecting the output low voltage load.


  • Battery voltage: 12/24V AutoSelect
  • Rated Load Current: 20A
  • MPPT tracking: No
  • Output of the second battery: No
  • Automatic disconnection of the load (maximum load 20A)
  • Maximum solar voltage: 28/55V
  • Self-consumption: 6mA
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