Anemometer with alarm for inflatable games

Product no.: SAG-105H

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Anemometer with alarm for inflatable games equipment. It complies with the regulation for this type of facilities.

Wind speed sensor with sound and light alarms.

Designed in accordance with UNE-EN 14960:2014 from the European regulation for inflatables

The device performs under the UNE-EN-14960-2014 guidelines.

Continuous alarm activation at 37 km/h. Furthemore, intermitent pre-alarm activation at 20km/h.

The unit includes the possibility of changing the alarm trigger values to adapt it to another normative.

The pre-alarm intemittently activates the yellow beacon light. It is activated when the wind speed is between the chosen values. (typ. 20 - 37 km/h).

The continuous alarm activates the red beacon light and the siren when the wind speed exceeds the maximum value (typ. 37 km/h).

The alarm latching can be configured so that it can only be deactivated by cutting off the power supply.


  • SAG-105H 12Vdc is supplied with a 3x0.75mm cable.
  • - Power supply:
  • Red wire: + 12 Vdc.
  • Black wire: 0 V.
  • Yellow wire: Ground.
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