Heat sink for 2 collectors

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Heat sink for 2 collectors of 2 to 2.5 m2. Remove excess heat generated by the solar hot water installation.

The heat sinks are gravity protection systems without electrical components that eliminate excess heat generated by the solar thermal systems, both as flat panels with vacuum tubes.

Heat sinks by gravity comprise thermostatic valve pre-set to 90 ° C provided with a mechanical actuator expansion, heat exchanger and natural convection flow by gravity.

Comply with total reliability, technical requirements of the building code, section HE4, the RITE, Barcelona Solar Ordinance Inspection Guide OST, V 2.0.-July 11, 2007, the UNE EN 12828 for limit the outlet temperature of the solar collectors at 105 ° C and all other ordinances applied in the Spanish territory.

Its performance does not depend on valves, pumps, fans or power supply.

The heat sinks by gravity prolong the life of the facility and eliminate corrective maintenance interventions as they avoid problems:

  1. - Corrosion and scale on the inside of the air intake manifold by
  2. - Cavitation of electric
  3. - Degradation selective surfaces of the manifolds
  4. - Fluid Degradation calorportante
  5. - Higher pressures and fluid losses calorportante
  6. - Installation Aging
  7. - Installation Heat stress (avoiding big jumps in temperature between room temperature and manifold)
  8. - By far the maintenance of the installation itself is performed by static dissipation.


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