1800W triangular panels self-consumption solar kit

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Self-consumption solar kit with triangular panels of 1800W of installed power with 2.5 Kw inverter.


The direct self-consumption kit with triangular panels of 1,800W and 8,100 Wh / day is a direct self-consumption system without batteries that adapts to roofs of 3 or four waters where it is difficult to place only rectangular panels.
Through this solar system we can generate electricity in the sunny hours and we will save that amount from the electricity billing.
These types of facilities are highly recommended when consumption is generated during daylight hours, as it will be when the system is generating electricity.
We will have a monitoring of the performance of our system both on the mobile and through the web.
It does not require maintenance on any of its components and the average duration of these facilities is over 25 years.


Energy captured in one day: 5400 Wh / day in winter and 12600 Wh / day in summer.

The average monthly production that the direct self-consumption kit with triangular solar panels of 1800W is 9000 Wh / day. For the estimation of production, the average Spanish peninsular radiation has been taken into account, including a percentage of system losses and an uptake with a minimum of 3 hours of peak sun for winter, while in summer, 7 hours of sun have been taken .


  • 6 triangular 100W solar panels
  • 6 200W rectangular solar panels
  • 1 1.5 Kw self-consumption inverter
  • 1 wattmeter
  • 1 Roof structure


Triangular solar panel perfect for taking advantage of the entire surface of the triangular roofs.

Normally on roofs of 4 waters or triangular shape is wasted a lot of surface because the traditional panels are not well suited to that form. With our triangular panel you will avoid that problem, you can make a more powerful solar installation using the same surface.
The triangular panels range from 95W with 21 cells to 105W.

They are easy to place and join with our normal rectangular panels.


  • Black color
  • Black anodised aluminum frame
  • MC4 connectors

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Tax included and free shipment to spain

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