Wind power

Wind power


Wind turbines for isolated installations or self-consumption, powers between 60 w and 40kW / year.
Wind turbines of different capacities and voltages, 12V, 24V and 48V.
Wind turbines are a great complement to solar energy using hybrid installations because they provide more electricity when the solar panels generate less.

Horizontal Axis Wind Turbines     Vertical Axis Wind Turbines 




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Wind turbine AIR 40 Land 12V 160W.

Product no.: 290-112-200

1,449.00 *

Wind turbine AIR 40 Land 24V 160W

Product no.: 290-124-200

1,449.00 *

300W mini wind power generator

Product no.: siee300w

1,198.00 *

Vertical axis wind turbine

Product no.: geo 1800

13,499.00 *

Solar-wind hybrid system

Product no.: geo 8k hybrid

22,475.00 *

Wind turbine FSH400 at 12V and 24V external MPPT regulator

Product no.: WIN024

This product is out of stock

699.00 *

bitensión wind turbine 12V/24V

Product no.: greatwatt

This product is out of stock

739.00 *

Urban Wind power 2.250 W

Product no.: air250

This product has beed dincontinued by the manufacturer

8,750.00 / unit(s) *

City wind power

Product no.: enflo0071

5,200.00 *
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