Other solar products

Other solar products


We have a wide variety of solar articles and solar accessories that use energy to make your life easier, at home, at work, during a trip or in the field.

Almost any item that needs electricity can have an included solar panel that makes it work anywhere.

You can charge your mobile or tablet with solar chargers, solar bags, solar radiation meters, pocket anemometers ...

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Anti-mosquito lamp by solar energy

Product no.: EK-1012

27.00 *

Fronius Ohmpilot hot water with surplus PV

Product no.: Ohmpilot

999.00 *

Energy counter EnviR

Product no.: IR-20-001

This product is out of stock. 

Instead you can see our Electricity meter at this link: Electricity meter

115.00 *

Monitor-controller consumption monophase

Product no.: 660.16.01.WEM

This product is out of stock

80.00 *

Digital sunlight meter TES-1333

Product no.: 657841109

159.00 *

Weather Station PCE 20

Product no.: PCE FWS 20

179.00 *

Anemometer 4403

Product no.: ied5152

129.00 *
Product data sheet

Anemometer 4403 with tacometer

Product no.: ied5152[1]

299.00 *

Anemometer 4403

Product no.: ied-anemo5H25

299.00 *

Digital handheld anemometer LCD screen

Product no.: AS816

25.00 *

Pocket Anemometer

Product no.: GM816

14.00 *

Wind meter for your smartphone

Product no.: mjolnir

59.00 *

Digital anemometer with wire

Product no.: 1358664395

68.00 *

Anemometer for smartphone

Product no.: IM13001

69.00 *

Handheld anemometer system with spoons

Product no.: PCE-A420

172.00 *

Thermometer anemometer hygrometer

Product no.: 9AWG0009

299.00 *

Flir thermometer and hygrometer anemometer

Product no.: IM13069

299.00 *

Thermometer/Hygrometer/Anemometer for smartphone

Product no.: W2

139.00 *

Anemometer with alarm for inflatable games

Product no.: SAG-105H

399.00 *

Solar battery charger AA and AAA

Product no.: 737666318

24.00 *
Old price 34.00 €

Mc Lean Digital Plug Programmer

Product no.: MCE30G

24.00 *

Electricity meter

Product no.: mde

27.00 *

10A remote control with 220V relay

Product no.: AK-RK01S-220-J

This product is out of stock

14.00 *

Ozone air purifier for car

Product no.: AL-FLY-170

15.00 *
Old price 19.00 €

Inflatable solar pillow with led light

Product no.: BI-V0100703

15.00 *

DC fuse type ANL 50 to 500A

Product no.: fusibleanl

15.00 *

educational solar kit 6 in 1

Product no.: 6en1

18.00 *

Solar car fan

Product no.: vsc

22.00 *

4 units 10A remote control with 220V relay with remote

Product no.: AK-RK01S-220-J[2]

30.00 *

Solar Maintenance vehicle batteries

Product no.: 12V4.5W

39.00 *

Air Leak Sealant for air conditioner

Product no.: 9HEER015

49.00 *

Solar bag to charge mobile phones and laptops

Product no.: AATT56B

125.00 *

6.5W solar backpack to charge mobile phones and tablets

Product no.: AATT60M

145.00 *

UPS with compact DIN rail lithium battery

Product no.: RPS1215DRL

From 199.00 *

Flexible and foldable solar charger

Product no.: panel solar plegable

229.00 *

Educational solar kit

Product no.: kite

350.00 *
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1 - 36 of 44 results