Solar home

Solar home


In solar home you will know a wide range of solar products to use in your home, your office, traveling, in the field, camping or traveling.

We have solar air conditioners, 12V and 24V solar refrigerators, solar heating systems, solar ovens and cookers to cook in the field or in the garden.

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Solar heating by hot air

Solar heating by hot air

Warm up your home using only the sun's energy with the solar heating air panels for roof and wall.

Solar showers for gardens and swimming pools

Solar showers for gardens and swimming pools

Get hot water in your garden or swimming pool swith your solar shower in an ecological way and without costs.

Ovens and cookers

Ovens and cookers

Solar ovens and solar cookers use solar energy by concentrating it at one point to cook food.

Solar refrigerators

Solar refrigerators

Fridges and freezers 12V / 24V specially designed for operation by solar energy or caravans and boats.

Other solar products

Other solar products

Here you can find solar objects of all kinds that use solar or wind energy for their operation.

Solar air conditioning

Solar air conditioning

Air conditioning systems Inverter mode cold/hot with solar-powered or mains. High quality.

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Anti-mosquito lamp by solar energy

Product no.: EK-1012

27.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 50W LED spotlight

Product no.: PS50W-6K

49.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 60W LED spotlight

Product no.: C-PROYCTR-60W-SLR-CNTRL

59.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 100W LED spotlight

Product no.: PS100W-6K

85.00 *

Outdoor solar floodlight with 200W LED spotlight

Product no.: PS200W-6K[1]

99.00 *

New 50 L portable fridge with interior LED light 12/24V

Product no.: INDELB-TB51A

899.00 *

New 41 L portable fridge with interior light 12/24V

Product no.: INDEL B-TB41A

989.00 *

New Portable fridge TB Black Steel 46 Liters 12V

Product no.: INDEL B-TB46

1,085.00 *

New INDEL B 26 liter portable fridge/freezer

Product no.: INDEL B-TB28BT DTH

820.00 *

New INDEL B 13 liter portable refrigerator 12/24V 35W

Product no.: INDEL B-TB13

659.00 *

New Portable fridge FRIGOCAT INDEL B 7 liters 12 V

Product no.: INDEL B-Frigocat

419.00 *

New 15 liter portable refrigerator with interior light 12/24VCC

Product no.: ENDEL B-TB15

625.00 *

New INDEL B 12.8 liter portable fridge-freezer

Product no.: INDEL B-TB12BT

585.00 *

New Black Steel 65L Portable Cooler with Remote Control

Product no.: INDELB-TB65

1,539.00 *

New 20 L INDEL B portable cooler with fixing kit

Product no.: INDEL B-TB20AM

825.00 *

New Black Steel TB60 60 liter portable fridge

Product no.: INDEL B-TB60

1,155.00 *

New TB Black Steel 74L portable fridge with remote control

Product no.: INDEL B-TB74

1,510.00 *

New Black Steel portable fridge 100 L integrated control

Product no.: INTEL B-TB100

1,439.00 *

New 118 liter Black Steel portable fridge with savings

Product no.: INDEL B- TB118

1,699.00 *

New LiONCooler X30A portable 30 liter fridge/freezer

Product no.: LiONCooler- X30A

729.00 *

New LiONCooler X40A portable fridge/freezer 40 liters

Product no.: LiONCooler-X40A

795.00 *

New 45 liter portable refrigerator 12V INDEL B

Product no.: INDELB- TB45A

875.00 *

New 55 liter portable refrigerator at 12/24V INDEL B

Product no.: INDELB -TB55A

955.00 *

New Portable refrigerator INDEL B of 42 liters 12VDC/230VAC

Product no.: INDELB-TB45 HTAC

405.00 *

New 42 liter portable refrigerator TB45AC INDEL B 220V

Product no.: INDEL -TB45 AC

329.00 *

Portable fridge INDEL B 30L 12/24V

Product no.: INDELB-TB31A

549.00 *
Old price 650.00 €

New Portable fridge INDELB 41 Liters 12/24V 45W

Product no.: INDELB-TB41

819.00 *

New Nevera portátil de 18L con luz LED interior 12/24V

Product no.: INDELB-TB18

685.00 *

New TB51 47 liter 12V large capacity portable fridge

Product no.: INDEL B-TB51

899.00 *

New INDEL B Cruise49 refrigerator of 49 liters of 12/24VCC

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise 49

819.00 *

New Cruise65 refrigerator of 65L of 12/24VCC for motorhomes

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise65

865.00 *

New Cruise100 refrigerator of 100L motorhomes 12/24VCC

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise100

939.00 *

New Cruise130 130L 12/24VDC refrigerator for motorhomes

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise130

979.00 *

New INDEL B Cruise 42 42L fridge for motorhomes

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise 42

815.00 *

New Cruise 85 refrigerator of 85L of 12/24VCC for motorhomes

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise 85

870.00 *

Cruise 86 refrigerator of 86 L of 12/24VCC for motorhomes

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise 86

919.00 *
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1 - 36 of 52 results