PV solar off-grid kit

PV solar off-grid kit

Solar kits for off-grid installation allow to have light where the electricity grid does not reach or is too expensive to carry, also for people who do not want to depend on the electricity company.

The solar kits for off-grid include all the materials solar panelsinverterregulator and batteries. We have solar kits of all powers from solar kit for lighting to solar kits for habitual housing with high consumption, in the same way we can design and budget for any type of kit or installation according to your needs.

Solar kists for isolated are easy to assemble, they are sent with instructions and we offer telephone advice if you need it.


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Solar kit for motorhome 100W

Product no.: LS-100FX1+LS-N10AM-5M_5F

449.00 *

Isolated solar kit 0 400w winter and up to 800w summer

Product no.: KIT-400/800W

649.00 *

PV solar system 600W

Product no.: kit 750W

699.00 *

Isolated Solar Equipment 1 750w winter and 1500w summer


896.00 *

PV solar system 1.400 W

Product no.: kit2

1,049.00 *
Old price 1,290.00 €

Isolated solar equipment 2 from 1500W to 3000w


1,621.00 *

Portable photovoltaic system E-Box

Product no.: E-Box

1,195.00 *

Isolated Solar Equipment 3 from 1500W to 3000w Gel


1,902.00 *

PV solar system 2.500 W

Product no.: kit solar fotovoltaico 2500W

1,540.00 *

Solar equipment isolated 4 of 2600/5200 tubular


2,171.00 *

PV solar system 3.800 W

Product no.: kit solar fotovoltaico 3800W

2,190.00 *

PV solar system 2.000 W

Product no.: kit3

2,240.00 *

Isolated Solar Kit5 3000w winter and up to 6000w summer


3,540.00 *

Isolated Solar Kit6 4500wh Winter 9000wh summer tubular


3,990.00 *

Solar kit hybrid 200 litros and 230W

Product no.: hybrid2

3,369.00 *

PV solar system 3.000 W

Product no.: kit4

3,400.00 *

Off-grid solar kit with lithium battery 3000W 6600Whdia

Product no.: kitpi-3000

3,999.00 *

PV solar system 4.500W

Product no.: kit5

5,290.00 *

Solar kit hybrid 350 litros and 460W

Product no.: hybrid3

5,310.00 *

2,000W solar kit with Pylontech lithium batteries

Product no.: SR-pytri

5,690.00 *

PV solar system 8.000 W

Product no.: kit solar fotovoltaico 8000W[1]

6,125.00 *

Solar Kit Camper van 500W 12V 2000w day

Product no.: 4002006

1,019.00 *
Old price 999.00 €

Solar kit for caravans 600W 12V and 1500Wdia

Product no.: 4007018

699.00 *
Old price 849.00 €

Solar Kit Expansion MPPT 8000Whdia

Product no.: 4009012

1,119.00 *

Solar Kit Expansion MPPT 10000Whdia

Product no.: 4009011

1,159.00 *

Solar Kit Country House 3000W 24V 8000Whdia

Product no.: 4002080

2,479.00 *

Solar Kit Country House 3000W 24V 6400Whdia

Product no.: 4002075

2,429.00 *

Solar Kit Country House 3000W 24V 6600Whdia

Product no.: 4002086

2,439.00 *

Solar Kit Isolated Installation 3000W 24V 6000Whdia

Product no.: 4002076

2,129.00 *

Solar Kit Gel 3000W 24V 6000Whdia

Product no.: 4008010

2,509.00 *

Solar Kit Gel 3000W 24V 9000Whdia

Product no.: 4002082

In stock from 23/12/2022

3,509.00 *

Photovoltaic Solar Kit 3000W 24V 6400Whdia

Product no.: 4002094

2,429.00 *

Photovoltaic Solar Kit 3000W 24V 3200Whdia

Product no.: 4002040

2,939.00 *

Solar Kit 3000W 24V 6000Whdia

Product no.: 4002087

3,829.00 *
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1 - 36 of 123 results