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Energy meter EnviR. Consumption in KWh meter with data storage Envir

The EnviR energy manager is designed to easily observe electricity consumption in real time. On the screen you can also compare how the consumption varies when turning on or off an appliance or a bulb and how it affects its cost in euros after a day, week or month.

The new Energy Manager Current Cost Envir, allows you to verify in real time the total energy consumption of your home, office or business and the daily, weekly or monthly cost of electricity consumption. Possibility of three phase. Check your consumption via web, in real time, from anywhere

Start saving with the EnviR Energy Manager, from Current Cost

The EnviR Energy Manager from Current Cost is designed so that you can easily observe your electricity consumption in real time. On the screen you can also see how your consumption varies when you turn on or off an appliance or a light bulb and how it affects its cost in euros after a day, week or month. You can also observe the consumption of morning, afternoon and night, the time and the ambient temperature by means of a graph. The moment you know what your devices consume, you can reduce your energy consumption by 10% and 15%.

The recorded data is accumulated and can be downloaded through different programs through a cable to the PC, which allows you to obtain an extremely valuable record of your energy consumption and observe how your electricity bills vary.

But what is really revolutionary is the possibility of connecting to the Internet and being able to check the data on energy consumption and temperature from anywhere, at any time, through the website.


The EnviR kit consists of the monitor, a programmable transmitter and an 80 amp clamp-type electrical energy sensor. So, with it we can measure a single-phase electrical circuit (Total consumption of the home or office, among other isolated points.). If we wanted to measure more circuits, or the consumption of water, gas and temperature, we will need to acquire the appropriate sensors. To measure the electrical consumption of a three-phase point, just add two clamp-type electrical energy sensors to the Kit.

The clamp-type sensor is installed in the electrical panel of the house or office, easily, by hugging the general output cable or the desired circuit.

The programmable transmitter, connected to the clamp, transfers the data to the monitor remotely. Thus the electric power monitor can be located anywhere in the home at a maximum distance of 40 meters from the transmitter.

Storage and data management.

The EnviR energy monitor records the data every 6 seconds. It has an internal memory of 7 years to store energy consumption data. In addition, it can be combined with different accessories for better information management. With the PC Computer Cable, you can transfer the data stored by the monitor to the computer and generate consumption graphs, easily, in two hours. Using the Internet Module, data can be managed on different Online energy management platforms. This makes it possible to access information, about the electricity consumption, from any device with an Internet connection (Computer, mobile, tablet, etc.).

Contents of the EnviR Kit

  • EnviR Energy Monitor
  • Programmable Wireless Transmitter
  • Mini clamp sensor
  • Power adapter for monitor
  • Manual


  • Possibility to consult our consumption data from anywhere, at any time.
  • USB connection
  • Data management software for PC.
  • It shows the instantaneous energy consumption, daily, weekly, monthly, and its cost per month.
  • Historical memory of 2 years.
  • Power adapter for monitor.
  • Easy installation and operation.
  • It can be adapted to three phase.

Technical characteristics:

  • Product measures 9.3 cm x 12 cm x 15.5 cm
  • Display visible 7.3 cm x 9 cm
  • Product box measures 35 cm x 17 cm x 5.5 cm
  • Electrical power required 1.0 watt nominal PC connection.
  • It allows downloading up to 2 years of recorded data
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