Electricity meter

Product no.: Elite-Classic

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Portable power meter, wireless and compact. You can immediately see the power consumption and spending that generates it.


Revenue Meter Elite Classic.

Elite Classic is a compact portable monitor, and wireless. It can be placed anywhere and even hang it on the wall.

It is very easy to install and use. A sensor is coupled to the phase wire of the electrical panel. This sensor is connected to the transmitter via radio (wireless) and tranmite information consumption and expenditure generated to monitor.

The memory function allows you to view daily, weekly, monthly or annual averages for the evolution of their electricity consumption.

It has 3 variable information:

  • Electric cost for this may be configured with 2 different rates

  • Kw / h, for consumption generated instantly

  • CO2: for CO2 emissions emitted by said consumption.

It supports three-phase installations.

It also has alarm function to alert you when it comes to a stop consumer spending or previously set.


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