Lithium battery jump starter up to 20,000 mA

Product no.: tab905

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The ultra-fast lithium battery jump starter allows all types of batteries up to 900 CCA to be started more than 30 times without the need for recharging.


With the arrival of good weather and holiday bridges in our country, there are many users who take the opportunity to make breaks. Whether by motorcycle, car or caravan, trips have multiplied since the end of March. However, a vacation can be easily cut short if the battery fails in the middle of the trip.

This starter is small, lightweight, and affordable. However, its potential is formidable: it can start all types of batteries up to 900 CCA more than 30 times without the need for recharging thanks to its 20,000 mA. This includes all those devices that have a lithium battery: from mobile phones and laptops to truck or caravan batteries. This starter offers an inverted load protection to avoid polarity crossings and a switchboard with a warning device to avoid overloading it. In addition, it is highly resistant to extreme temperatures and has two USB sockets to charge two devices at the same time as well as a flashlight function for greater user comfort.


  • 20,000 milliamps.
  • Inverted charge protection to avoid polarity crossings.
  • Control unit with alarm to avoid overload of the starter.
  • Resistant to extreme temperatures.
  • Double USB socket to charge two digital devices at the same time.
  • Flashlight function.
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