Hybrid solar panel 250W hot water and electricity

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Hybrid solar panel 250 Wp / 24 volts and 1.58 absorption surface m2 for electricity and hot water simultaneously.


The hybrid soalr panel fulfills two functions at the same time: it generates electricity and heats water thanks to its combination of a photovoltaic module for generating electric power and a solar thermal collector.

The front of the PVT panel absorbs solar radiation and generates electricity and heat. A high efficiency absorber, integrated in the upper part of the solar cells, assimilates the heat and by means of a propylene glycol heats the water. Thanks to the assimilation of heat, the photovoltaic cells are constantly cooling, increase their productivity and operate with optimum efficiency.

      You can now have electricity and hot water in one panel increased efficiency and saving on both bills.

  • What is a hybrid solar panel?

A hybrid soalr panel is a panel that combines two technologies currently aprovecar fucionan for solar, thermal and photovoltaic.

  • How the hybrid solar panel work?

The solar panel hybrid mix the two existing technologies, thermal and photovoltaic solar panel in on a thermal solar panel cells that also make it a photovoltaic solar panel installed and added conxiones box with cables output, positive and negative.

  • Advantage

    The main advantage is saving money, a hybrid solar panel is cheaper than a solar panel and another solar thermal panel.

    Having to mount a single panel spending installation brackets and is also lower than having to install two panels.

      Improving efficiency. Photovoltaic part remains cooler than a normal panel during the summer, increasing efficiency and producing more electricity.

The hybrid solar panel is suitable both for grid systems, autonomous systems and integration in existing systems for heating homes and office buildings, for heating pool water or for cooling by means of coolers.


Panel specification:

  • Glass: antireflective, solar, tempered 3.2 mm
  • Lamination film (EVA)
  • Ribbon
  • Polycrystalline solar cells
  • Lamination film (EVA)
  • Protective film
  • Junction box with Diotec IP-65 bypass diodes
  • Cables 4 mm2, 2 x 1 m with MC4 connectors
  • Eloxed aluminum frame
  • Integrated absorber
  • Thermal isolation
  • Aluminum top
  • Input / output heat transfer agent ø22
  • Size: 1650 ? 990 ? 40
  • Weight: 31kg

Electrical data:

  • Number of cells - 60
  • Nominal power, Wp. Tolerance -1 + 3% - 250
  • Rated voltage, Vmp (V) - 30.5
  • Open circuit voltage, Voc (V) - 37.8
  • Rated current, Imp (A) - 8.2
  • Short circuit current, Isc (A) - 8.75
  • Efficiency,% - 15.3
  • Operating temperature range, ºC- ??- 40 ?? 85
  • Nominal operating temperature, ºC - 45
  • Maximum system voltage, V - 1000
  • Maximum current through the protective diodes, A- 20
  • Coefficient of temperature of power,% / ºC- -0.38
  • Coefficient of temperature of tension,% / ºC- -0,32
  • Current temperature coefficient,% / ºC- -0.06

* All electrical data are registered according to the Standard Test Conditions (1000 W / m², AM 1.5, temperature of the cells 25 ° ?)

Thermal data:

  • Effective area, m² - 1.15
  • Thermal efficiency, ?? ** - 55%
  • Nominal thermal power, W ** - 890
  • Fluid flow, l / min 1.5 - 2.5
  • Flow losses, mm H?O - 540-880
  • Liquid volume, l - 1,2
  • Coefficient ?1 ** - 6.3
  • Coefficient ?2 ** - 0.08
  • Thermal performance coefficient, kJ K-¹ 13.2

** According to the effective area


You can see the characteristics of the panel by clicking here: Features.


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