Two-axis solar tracker suitable for 3 solar panels.

Product no.: ST44M2V3P

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The 2-axis solar tracker can include up to 3 solar panels, significantly increasing the efficiency of your solar installation.


Description of 2 axis solar tracker:

The 2-axis solar tracker is the ideal solution to maximize the efficiency of your solar energy system. Designed to fit the needs of any project, this advanced solar tracker is designed to support up to 3 solar panels, making it an exceptional choice for your clean, renewable energy generation needs.

Advantages of 2-axis solar tracker

Greater Solar Energy Capture: The 2-axis solar tracker automatically follows the position of the sun throughout the day, meaning your solar panels will always be optimally oriented to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. This translates into greater energy production.

Energy Savings: By optimizing the orientation of the solar panels, this solar tracker can significantly increase the efficiency of your system, which translates into greater savings on your energy bills over time.

Greater Profitability: By improving energy production, the ST44M2V3P can shorten the time it takes to realize a return on investment, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of solar energy faster.

Robust and Durable Design: This solar tracker is built with high quality materials that resist adverse weather conditions, ensuring its durability and performance over the years.

Easy Installation: The 2-axis solar tracker installs simply and efficiently, saving installation time and costs.

Versatile Compatibility: Designed to fit 3 solar panels, it is perfect for both residential and commercial projects.

Invest in the future and do your part to preserve our planet with the 2-axis solar tracker. Optimize your solar system today!

Wind resistance is max. 144 km/h, 10 min. average wind speed 50 km/h. In one year with the dual axis system, you can get 7% more energy revenue compared to a single axis system, and up to 33% more energy revenue compared to a fixed solar system.

Also, this sun tracker includes the function of anti-shade software, however, the ground screw and main pole are not part of this sun tracker package.

Technical description of the 2-axis solar tracker w backstr for 3 solar panels

  • Number of movement axes: 2—axes
  • Astronomical Tracking Algorithm: Yes, 0.5 degree accuracy (0.1 ****)
  • CPV Usage (Concentrated PV Usage): Yes, all types including round parabolic dishes, but mainly served by 3 flat solar panels.
  • Dimensions: 0.99m × 1.65m
  • Weight; 20kg each
  • Solar panel surface: united by 4.9 m2.
  • Real time clock and date with bck. battery: yes, included
  • USB or RS485 interface to PC: yes, included
  • Network communication type: RS485
  • Type of application program for supervision and adjustment: Solar tracking system, monitor through Helios analysis
  • Configuration via PC: Yes
  • Tracking via PC: Yes
  • Update via PC: Yes
  • Control and driving via PC: Yes
  • Options (marked with **** are for additional payment): Heliostat can be used.
  • Expected lifetime: 800-1000h motor running (DC motor is replaced every 8 years if every day is one cycle), backup battery is replaced every 3–5 years if battery is on, the other 25 years.
  • Hour angle: 100° (50°E + 50°W).

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