Deltasol TT digital control unit with 2 Pt 1000 probes

Product no.: SO17020

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Deltasol TT digital control unit with 2 Pt 1000 probes for 4 basic systems for solar installations.

Solar regulator for basic forced systems and thermosyphon

The DeltaSol® TT is optimized for simple forced solar systems, as well as for compact thermosiphon systems.

The regulator includes two relays, a semiconductor and another high-power relay to which an electric heater of up to 3.6 kW (230 V ~) can be connected.

The DeltaSol® TT controls the auxiliary electric heating of a sanitary water accumulator according to the temperature in addition to the time function.

It offers more comfort thanks to a fast heating function. It also integrates a remote control with integrated LED (RESOL RCTT), which is connected to the regulator by a cable, to activate and deactivate the

Quick heating function at a distance.

  1. Direct connection of an auxiliary electric heater up to 3.6 kW (230 V ~).
  2. 3 inputs for Pt1000 temperature probes.
  3. 1 PWM output for speed control of high efficiency pumps.
  4. 4 basic systems to choose from (among others, thermosyphon systems).
  5. Control of electric auxiliary heating as a function of time and temperature.
  6. Rapid heating function, also activated with the remote control.
  7. Available for OEM version even in small quantities.
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