Solar lamp with 60W panel and lithium-ion battery

Product no.: JA-JNL-74530

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Solar street lamp with 60W panel adjustable cold white light 6000K lighting power and integrated lithium-ion battery.

The solar streetlight allows you to make the best use of solar energy thanks to its adjustable solar panel for faster charging of the battery and greater autonomy of lighting

The solar panel is mounted on the arm of the lamp and is fully adjustable. You can rotate the panel 360º in the horizontal and bring the panel from 0 to 60º in the vertical. Make the most of solar lighting.

the best conditions are the panel oriented towards the south and with an angle based on its latitude and the time of year. As the plane of the earth where the panel is placed varies its inclination with respect to the sun according to the time of year, we will try to put the plate in the angle so that it produces more.

As the nights are longer in winter and there is less sun, we will try to find the best angle for this situation, tilting the panel a bit more than in summer it will be quite flat

In La Coruña with a latitude of +/- 43º if we orient the panel with the panel oriented to SUR we will have to give it an inclination of about 66º, on the horizontal plane which is the optimum inclination for December, the time of year with less solar radiation.

20W polycrystalline solar panel, high performance with dimensions of 34 * 34 cm


Lithium Ion Battery

  • The 60W solar streetlight is equipped with a high-quality lithium-ion phosphate battery.
  • With a load capacity of 11.5A and an average life of 1500 load cycles. With the solar panel of this 60W solar streetlight, the charging time would be about 6 hours at full capacity.
  • The calculations give us an autonomy of 2 nights for rainy days.

60W street lamp

  • The solar lamp is of a light power of 60W
  • Equipped with 120 SMD5730 leds with a luminous flux of 1375 lumens
  • IP65 outdoor installation
  • The 60W solar streetlight can be installed outdoors exposed to the weather. It has IP65 protection
  • Made of high quality aluminum with stainless steel fasteners

 Support for wall and pole

  • The solar street lamp comes with everything necessary for installation, screws, brackets, steel studs with anchor bolts.
  • The arm can be fastened directly to the wall well with the included accessory to hug a pole

Remote control for control

  • The lamp includes a remote control (batteries included) to control the functions.
  • Automatic ignition at sunset (lack of light) and off at ortho (presence of light)
  • Total shutdown
  • Automatic ignition for 3, 5 or 8 hours
  • Half power
  • Total power
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