Eurener 72-cell 340w Solar Panel Datasheet

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With the 370W Solar Panel of 72 Cells Monocrystalline Atersa you will have stable energy in high temperature or low irradiation.



The 370W 72 Cells Atersa Monocrystalline Solar Panel is one of the best solar panels on the market. Atersa introduces its unique TES quality control system on the market with an anti-hot-spot test and a cell-by-cell measurement to guarantee a solar panel without future defects and with a linear production over time.

The Panels have an innovative quality control. It has excellent quality controls to guarantee linear production with the best manufacturing standards. Using their patented TES method, they test cell by cell the production of solar panels with a unique system on the market. With numerous projects around the world, it is a high-end solar panel with a 25-year 80% Spanish power guarantee.


Features of the 370W 72-cell monocrystalline Atersa solar panel

  • Optimize installations
  • High module efficiency and stable power output, based on innovative process technology.
  • Exceptional electrical performance in high temperature or low irradiation conditions.
  • Ease of installation thanks to an innovative engineering design.
  • Rigorous quality control that meets the highest international standards.



Spanish warranty for the Atersa Monocrystalline 72-Cell 370W Solar Panel

Atersa 360w monocrystalline solar panels 72 cells have a Spanish guarantee provided by the Almussafes factory. This security is an added bonus especially when large projects such as solar pumps or photovoltaic parks are. With other manufacturers, processing a warranty is not a simple process, however Atersa gives a quick response and guarantees a replacement even for solar panels of outdated ranges.

Atersa Monocrystalline Solar Panel 370W Charge Regulators for 72 Cells
If we use atersa ultra 360w solar panels in isolated installations we can use both conventional pwm regulators and mppt regulators. The latter, the mppt or maximizers, allow the series connection of solar panels, reducing the wiring section and allowing a simpler assembly. If we use 100-volt maximizers we can use two panels in series and in the 150-volt ones we can reach 3 panels in series. Models such as midnite or some victron blue solar already allow the connection of 4 and up to 5 solar panels in series.


Atersa Monocrystalline Solar Panel 370W 72 Cells Datasheet

Maximum power (Pmax) 370W
Maximum power voltage (Vmp) 39.79 V
Maximum current power  (Imp) 9.30 A
Open circuit voltage  (Voc) 47.80 V
Short circuit current (Isc) 9.88 A
Module efficiency (%) 19.07
Dimensions 1956 x 992 x 40 mm
Warranty 25 years in power and against manufacturing defect 15 years


Photovoltaic solar panels.- They transform solar energy into electrical energy (electricity) to be reused in real time, to feed the electrical consumption of a house (for example, lighting, refrigerator, television and any other normal electrical appliance). Plants can be isolated or connected to the normal power supply (network). In the latter case, if you produce more energy than you consume, the plant gives up the excess to the energy from the grid, otherwise it will rely on the grid to satisfy the requirements (the so-called "energy bill") .

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