Digital handheld anemometer LCD screen

Product no.: AS816

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Handheld digital anemometer screen with LCD screen to measure the speed and temperature of the wind.


This anemometer is useful for various applications, wind speed studies to install a wind turbine, sports competitions or leisure.
If for example you are going to do windsurfing, skysurfing or any other sport that needs wind you will know perfectly the wind speed, if this is suitable to be able to do, it is too low or it is so high that it is dangerous.

With this high accuracy mini anemometer you can know exactly the wind speed and you can fly your drone or your plane safely.

This meter shows the wind speed in 5 parameters (m / s, km / h, ft / min, knots and mph) and the temperature can be changed between ° C and ° F. It also provides the current, maximum and average and the indication of cooling by wind.

This meteorological device is an ideal tool for windsurfing, sailing and kite flying. You can also use it for industrial and home purposes, such as measuring the speed and temperature of CPU fans, air conditioners, air flow over the ceiling or walls.


  1. This anemometer is portable and useful for measuring wind speed and temperature.
  2. Reading of the current / maximum / average wind speed.
  3. The temperature unit can be changed: Celsius (° C) or Fahrenheit (° F).
  4. LCD display with backlighting and data retention selection, it is easy to read.
  5. The wind speed unit can be changed: m / s, km / h, knots or mph.


  1. Light and portable, easy to carry.
  2. Ergonomic design, easy and fast for the user to use it with simple key operating mode and comfortable hand feeling.
  3. Widely used in mining, electricity, iron and steel, petrochemical, energy saving, navigation, manufacture of fans, exhaust ventilation, sports and more sectors.


  • Color: Black
  • Wind speed range: 0-30 m / s; 0-58knots; 0-108 km / h; 0-67mph
  • Accuracy: 5%
  • Temperature range: 0.0 50.0 ° C; 32.0 122.0 ° F
  • Accuracy: 2 ° c / 3. 6 ° F
  • Current consumption: 20mA
  • Operating environment: -10 50 ° C 40-85% RH
  • Storage environment: -20 60 ° C 40-85% RH
  • Power supply: 3 AAA 1.5 V batteries (not included)
  • Item size: 162x47x25mm
  • Item weight: 82G
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