Solar outdoor spotlight 3lm with LED light

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3lm outdoor solar spotlight with LED light in black has a simple design ideal for any outdoor area.


The 3lm outdoor solar spotlight is a wall light that is based on a small solar system with LED light. Its simple shape design and black color also make it an ideal decorative element for our garden or other types of outdoor areas.

The 3lm outdoor solar spotlight is a lighting product for outdoor areas or gardens. It is a wall light designed with a cutting-edge internal electrical system that will make us not worry about installing cables and our electricity bill will not increase. This is because its operation is based on a small solar system. With this product we can create warm and welcoming environments.

The product has three fundamental components for its correct operation: the solar panel, the battery and, of course, its light bulb. The operating process is as follows: the solar panel captures the radiation and charges the battery during the day (between 6 and 8 hours). And finally, the bulb made with LED technology that emits white light. Another of its components is the casing, which is made of plastic.

With this 3lm outdoor solar spotlight we can illuminate our garden or other outdoor areas without having to use cables and we can give it a modern decoration and atmosphere.

Technical aspects Outdoor solar spotlight 3lm

  • Dimensions: 90x44.5x74.5mm
  • Materials: Plastic
  • Lumens: 3
  • Charging hours: 6-8 hours
  • Daylight hours: 8 hours

Data sheet

  • Color Temperature: 300K
  • Assembly Type: exterior / wall
  • LED lumens: 3
  • LED dimensions: 90 x 44.5 x 74.5mm
  • LED IP rating: IP44
  • Led format: SMD LED
  • Led warranty: 1 year
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