self-supply energy saving inverter Solax X1 1.500W mini

Product no.: X1-1.5 mini

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Self supply energy saving inverter of consumption Solax X1-1.5 mini de 1.500w is one of the smallest investors in the market for installations of few panels


The Solax X1-1.1 Mini de 1,500W Network Connection Inverter is one of the smallest network connection inverters in the market.

It is very economical with large operating characteristics for private and residential use that allows reducing the electricity bill by providing the energy of the solar panels that are connected.

An inverter for self-consumption solar installations without economic batteries and with a very interesting price-quality ratio, given its low cost thanks to a non-existent maintenance and its simple installation.

Available also with powers of 1,100W and 2,000W


Characteristics of the SolaX X1 1-5 Mini 1,500W inverter

The SolaX X1 Mini 1,500W inverter is a small, single-phase inverter without transformer, which is responsible for synchronizing the electricity coming from the solar panels with the electricity coming from our electric company, giving preference to that of the panels to maximize the savings in the electric bill.

The X1 Mini range of SolaX is composed of 3 models and are perfect for a small installation of solar self-consumption at a particular and residential level.

In addition to its low price has a performance and production perfect for small powers, with characteristics far superior to the use of micro-inverters. This is the smallest model available. Above there are more options within the Mini range and there are also the Air and Boost with powers in single phase up to 5000VA.


  • It has 1 internal MPPT regulator to connect the panels in a single series.
  • Wide range of operating voltage that will allow us to make series with greater comfort and flexibility. The MPPT works between 55 and 380Vdc. Thanks to this the inverter can be started with only 2 panels of 72 cells.
  • Protection level IP65 So the investor can be abroad.
  • Small size (248 x 350 x 124mm) and less than 7kg of weight so that a single person can install the inverter on any surface.
  • Control of power reduction to avoid the spillage of excess production to the electrical network through a compatible wattmeter (sold separately).
  • Wifi monitoring via USB plug (sold separately).
  • Simple and visual interface to control its operation or any type of error. It incorporates 6 LEDs on its front that indicate an approximation of the output power and if there is any type of error.

Applications and features of the SolaX X1 Mini 1,500W inverter:

The SolaX X1 Mini 1.500W inverter is a single-phase grid connection inverter so it must always be connected to the solar panels and the electrical grid, it can not work on an island, or only with solar panels.

All X1 Air models incorporate an MPPT regulator with an efficiency greater than 99%. It also incorporates IP65 protection and various communication protocols, both to monitor its operation and to communicate with the power measurement wattmeter.

The lower connections of the SolaX X1-Air inverters are as follows:



  • A - Panel disconnector (option).
  • B - mc4 panels connectors.
  • C - Connection for WiFi adapter (optional).
  • D - Grounding alarm.
  • E - RS485 port.
  • F - DRM.
  • G - USB for updates.
  • H - Alternating current connection.
  • I - Terminal takes earth.

The SolaX X1 Mini 1.500W inverter is an inverter that allows us to interconnect with the electrical grid without the need for batteries, which is why this type of installation is economical and very profitable in the long term, given its low acquisition cost, zero maintenance and a simple start-up

So that this system with the SolaX X1 Mini 1,500W inverter works properly, we will need a group of solar panels, grouped in a single series that meets the voltage requirements of these inverter models. We must ensure that the connected panels deliver a voltage that is within the operating range of the inverter. These models in particular, its MPPT operates between 55 and 380Vdc and to start it needs a minimum of 70Vdc. This is achieved with only 3 panels of 60 or 72 cells placed in series.

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