48V Turbo Energy lithium battery 5.1 Kw

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The 48V lithium battery and 5.1 Kw capacity Turbo Energy is the lithium battery with the highest capacity among the low voltage ones.


The 48V lithium batteries and 5.1 Kw of Turbo energy capacity are low voltage modular batteries, only 48V, under 19 "rack format, compatible with any type of inverter on the isolated market: Victron Energy, Voltronic, Studer, Voltronic, Sungrow, Imeon ...


48V Turbo Energy lithium batteries do not require communication to operate efficiently connected in parallel, neither with the inverter nor between them. For correct operation of the batteries, it is enough to program the voltage range for battery operation with the following parameters:


Inverter Parameterization:

  • Absorption Voltage: 54V
  • Float Voltage 54V
  • Low battery cut-off voltage: 48V
  • Charge current 50 A per unit.
  • Equalization off.

It is very important that in the case of connecting batteries in parallel that are not new (for example, we add a new battery to an existing system) we previously balance the voltages (load) between them to avoid overcurrents that could damage the system. .

The 48V Turbo Energy Lithium batteries can be installed in parallel, in the same rack, with up to a maximum of 8 units, giving this battery a wide range of possibilities of use.


  • Nominal capacity: 5.12Kwh
  • Useful capacity: 4.6 Kwh
  • Nominal Voltage: 51.2 V
  • Depth of discharge: 90%
  • Maximum charge and discharge current: 50A (0.5C)
  • Operating voltage: 48V - 57.6V
  • Working temperature: Loading (50ºC) Unloading (-1055ºC)
  • Life cycles:> 6000 (1 cycle 65% residual capacity)
  • Humidity 15-85%

Technical specifications:

  • Weight: 52 Kg
  • Dimensions: 475 x 446 x 200mm
  • Protection: IP20
  • Battery type LiFePO4

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