Cruise100 refrigerator of 100L motorhomes 12/24VCC

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise100

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The INDEL B Cruise100 100 liter 12/24VDC portable refrigerator is exceptionally efficient and has a refined design.


The INDEL B 100 liter CRUISE100 cool box allows excellent ventilation even in tight spaces. With its fan-cooled compressor unit and integrated air convector, Cruise 100 will enjoy excellent ventilation even in very closed areas.

Internal dimensions of the fridge: 615x400x370 mm.


The Indel B CRUISE refrigerators are the synthesis of a careful study that adds a refined and functional design to technological innovation. The 12 and 24 V power supply makes the CRUISE refrigerators particularly versatile. The usable energy source, in fact, can be indifferently the battery, a transformer or a photovoltaic panel. The total absence of components containing CFCs makes CRUISE refrigerators environmentally friendly. The high quality of the Indel B components in the production of refrigerators allows to obtain an exceptional energy efficiency that leads to reduced energy consumption or nothing less than energy self-sufficiency in combination with a photovoltaic panel.


Data Sheet

Dimensions 745 x 485 x 495 mm
Weight 23,5 Kg
EAN-UPC 8056040793145
Power supply 12/24VCC
Capacity 100 liters
Includes fixing bracket 0
Model Cruise
Type of fridge Caravans
Capacity (range) 50 to 100 liters
Cooling Unit External
Clasp Type Standar


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