Batería solar de litio de 12v y 1.280W o 100A

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Batería solar de litio de 12v y 100A o 1.280W Ultimatron ideal para instalaciones solares aisladas tanto fijas como caravanas y autocaravanas


Lithium batteries are the most modern battery models, they can work for both isolated solar installations and self-consumption solar installations. This battery works at 12V and cannot be connected in series.

This battery has a load capacity of 100 amps or 1,280W

Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) has been widely adopted by the lithium battery industry. It is very stable, without risk of fire or explosion, even with an elemental BMS.

The lithium battery is also characterized by the large number of charge-discharge cycles it supports, around 4000 discharges compared to a few hundred for most batteries sold (lithium or lead). It also has a particular characteristic, a kind of reverse memory effect: the lower the discharge, the greater the number of cycles, which makes it particularly insensitive to microcycling.
Finally, it tolerates extreme ambient temperatures quite well, from 0 ° to 60 ° C. With a quality BMS, it is a very reliable battery, capable of providing service for many years.

Lithium batteries (Lithium Iron Phosphate) offer many advantages over lead batteries.

They have a much faster charging capacity, allowing even the smallest amount of sunlight to be used without being limited by the internal resistance of the battery.

A lead battery, depending on its capacity, will be limited in its charge capacity. With lithium, it will be charged with the maximum of what the controller can give.
Also unbeatable in downloading, they easily support very fast downloads.

Comparing the price per available ampere hour (with lithium you have a very high depth of discharge) we can see that the price per available Ah is a little more expensive than lead batteries.

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) Battery Advantages:

  • 2 year manufacturer's warranty.
  • The safest technology, without risk of fire or explosion
  • Long useful life
  • Constant improvement of storage capacity
  • Great stability even under extreme loads
  • No memory effect , no need for full charge and discharge cycles
  • Deep discharge without damage (up to 90%);
  • Valid for high current demands without damage (up to 100A): coffee maker, microwave ...
  • Compatible with a very high charge current (more than 50A) so it allows a very fast charge;
  • Very low self-discharge rate
  • Safety against fire or explosion
  • High performance even in extreme conditions
  • Deep and constant loading and unloading efficiency
  • Small size and light weight


  • LifePo4 Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology
  • Nominal voltage 12.8 v
  • Capacity: 100 Ah (i.e. 1280 wH)
  • Normal charge current: 20 Amps
  • Maximum charge current: 50 amps.
  • Maximum discharge current: 100A
  • Maximum discharge cut-off current (5 ~ 15ms): (5 ~ 15ms) 450A
  • Life time: 4000 cycles
  • Self discharge: less than 3% per month
  • Charging voltage: 14.6 volts ± 0.2V
  • Operating voltage range: 10 - 14.6V
  • Temperature range (Discharge) -20 ~ 60ºC
  • Temperature range (Charging): 0 ~ 45ºC
  • Temperature range (Storage): -5 ~ 35ºC
  • Available energy range: 90% DoD
  • Tightness: IP65
  • Integrated BMS (of course!)
  • Dimensions: 328mm x 172mm x 212mm
  • Weight: 11.7 g.
  • Case material: ABS
  • Terminals: M8


This lithium battery has Bluetooth communication to an Android smartphone or tablet (Version 5.0 and later), and Iphone / Ipad.

Note: The battery is only suitable for 12V installation. Parallel connection possible to increase capacity. (24 V series connection is not possible).

Integrated Battery Management System (BMS). 100% of the capacity is available for your needs - no voltage drop!

Allow the control and charging of the different elements of an accumulator battery and protect it against overloads, overvoltages and overheating.

Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 monitoring

You have all your important battery data always on your smartphone or tablet. The application displays the following data in real time.

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