Approved digital electricity meter

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Install your own electric meter and do not pay rent to the electric company while controlling your electric expenses.



The electric meter or fiscal meter is an equipment used by the distributor to measure the consumption parameters with which the customer's electric bill is generated.

Some advantages of having your own electric meter:

  • Without investment.
  • Measure, control and save.
  • Avoid penalties.
  • Increase your efficiency.

How much is paid to rent to the distributor?

  • 3.0A: € 12 / month
  • 3.1A: € 29 / month
  • 6.1A / B: € 64 75 / month
  • 6.2: 64 € 118 / month

That if they do not have telemetry. In cases with telemetry, you pay an additional € 20 / month or even more.

What does the client get for paying the rent to the distributor?

 Nothing ! It only serves to be billed. In the best case scenario, if you pay for the telemetry, you will receive the bills per calendar month.

What we offer?

Replace with us the tax accountant and have all the information in real time

No investment!

We offer you:

  • Counter + telemetry.
  • Alerts and reports.
  • Graphics.
  • Analysis of data
  • And much more

How do we do it?

We replace the current meter with an approved one with our integrated data acquisition equipment that takes readings every minute.

Our web platform treats all the information received in order to configure alerts, schedule reports, view graphics and analyze all the information received from any electronic device connected to the internet.

What value does it have for you?

  • Detects excessive consumption.
  • Detects cable theft.
  • Avoid penalties and eliminate extra costs.
  • Detects faults in the capacitor bank.
  • Optimize the contracted power and save on your bill
  • Detects anomalies and prevents breakdowns.


  • Goodbye! to the estimated ones Receive the invoices per calendar month.
  • Consume at the cheapest OMIE hours.
  • Goodbye to profiles! Receive the invoice with the hourly consumptions.
  • Schedule daily, weekly and monthly consumption analysis reports.
  • Detects overvoltages.
  • Detects consumption outside opening hours

Frequent questions:

Does the change of the fiscal accountant require to cut the electricity?

The cut of the electrical supply is only necessary in installations with contracted power less than or equal to 50 kW. In these cases, the cut does not exceed 15 minutes.

What does the distribution company charge for the tax accountant?

The only cost charged by the distribution company is that of the seal and the prices are as follows:

If it is low voltage, cut € 12 + I VA.
If it is high voltage € 79 + VAT is charged.

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