Portable solar power station

Portable solar power station

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The portable solar power station of 46 amps to charge mobiles, laptops and even use small appliances.


The SG110 all-in-one solar station of 501W / h and a capacity of 46Ah is enough to charge a mobile phone more than 50 times, a laptop 8 times, and can even run small appliances for several hours.

   Its wide versatility with connections (USB, AC and 12V) allows you to connect up to 9 devices at once and run them up to a maximum of 500W (pure sine wave inverter).

   It has a charging system that can be from a normal AC power source (Any plug in the house) or if it is outside the network, it can be charged with a solar panel.


  • 1) LG battery

  LG Lithium battery which can be charged for 1500 times. The standard times for other generators is only 500 times. Our battery will last 3 times our competitors battery.

  • 2)500W AC outlet

  As for the AC output, it is 500W continuous pure sine wave Peak 1000W. That translates into enough power to start and run more appliances.

  • 3) 9 Protection Features

  ·Abnormal temperature protection from – 10 to 60 degrees Celsius
·Short-circuit protection
·Output over-current protection
·Overcharge/over- discharge restoration and protection
·Electrostatic protection
·Input anti-reverse protection
·Battery overcharge/over discharge protection
·Output over-voltage protection
·Input over-voltage over-current protection

  • 4)  UPS Function (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

  If the solar generator is being charged by the wall outlet and there is a drop in power, or there is a surge suddenly, the solar generator will auto power the appliances through its internal battery, so the appliances will not stop work.

  Most other brands do not have this function. This functionality can be extremely important in emergency situations where the power is fluctuating or for medical purposes such as a home ventilator for an ill family member.

  • 5)Car Jump Starter

  Included in your kit are the cables to jump your car battery so that if your battery is not charged, you can start your car. This is especially important in regions where the winters are severe.

  • 6)MPPT Solar Charge Controller

  The Lensun Solar Generator comes with MPPT solar controller, when most of other brands solar generator come with a PWM controller. Not only is the MPPT circuit solar controller more elaborate than PWM, but the MPPT has the technology to track the maximum power voltage point of solar panels as it varies in the day due to sunlight exposure and temperature.

  The MPPT charge controller can result in 30% more efficient transfer of power.


  • 7)Minimum Weight for Portability and Small Profile for Easy Storage

  Lensun solar generator is light enough only 4.5kgs while other brands are 7kgs or more.Its easy to carry in one hand and compact enough to fit in a backpack frame.


  • 8) Extreme Working Conditions

  Robust design allows for use in a wide range of outdoor temperatures. From -10? to 60?(14? to 140?)


1 x SG510 power station
1 x MC4 cable (to charge SG510 via solar panels)
1 x AC adapter (to charge SG510 via wall outlet)
1 x battery cable (to jump car battery)
1 x user manual

Technical Specifications:     

Power Capacity


Nominal Voltage of the Battery


Output voltage


Output waveform

Pure Sine Wave(sinusoidal)

Rated AC output power


Overload power

550W(15s),Peak 1000W(5s)

USB output

5V 2.1A *4

DC output

12V 5A *3

Cooling fan


Power indicator

Green light: OK / red light: Failure

Charging indicator

Red light:Being Charged / Green light:Fully Charged

DC output power indicator

Green light: OK / red light: Failure

AC charging input voltage


AC charging current


Solar charging voltage


Solar charging current max.




Net Weight

4.5kgs/9.9 lbs

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