Grid inverter Fronius Primo 4.6 - 1 Light

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Fronius Primo 4.6 - 1 Light grid inverter with innovative design gets the maximum performance from rooftop installations.


Product description:
Within the SnapINverter range and with a power range between 3.0 and 8.2 kW, the Fronius Primo single-phase inverter is the perfect equipment to meet the needs of any home. Thanks to its double MPPT and its innovative SuperFlex design, it is capable of getting the most out of rooftop installations. With the SnapInverter mounting system, installation and maintenance are easier than ever. The Fronius Primo inverter can be optionally completed with a Fronius Smart Meter, which is equipment that sends the most complete information to the monitoring system, also ensuring that the inverter does not inject energy into the electrical grid.

The solar inverter or solar converter is an essential element in any photovoltaic solar installation, in addition its power largely defines the dimensioning of the installation, so it is very important to choose the most suitable one for your needs. There are several types of inverters depending on the production and storage capacity of each facility. Its main function is to transform the direct current from the solar panels or solar batteries (12V, 24V or 48V), into alternating current (230V), which will be distributed throughout the home or place where electricity is consumed.
There are several types of solar inverters among which we can highlight:
- Sine wave inverters (can be with or without charger)
- Hybrid sine wave inverters (they already have a built-in regulator) (they can be with or without equalization)
- Modified Wave Inverters (can be with or without charger)
- Self-consumption inverters and grid connection, which can be single-phase or three-phase.

For the correct operation of the solar inverters, we must take into account the VA (Volt Amperes), since they must be 20% above the sum of the watts consumed, taking into account that some devices that we can have in the installation have peaks of very high start-up, so we must choose the solar inverter model with sufficient capacity to absorb these possible consumptions.

With its power ranges from 3.0 to 8.2 kW, the Fronius Primo rounds off the SnapINverter generation perfectly. This transformerless single-phase equipment meets the needs of any home. Its innovative SuperFlex design offers maximum flexibility in system design and together with the SnapINverter mounting system, installation and maintenance are easier than ever. It includes a communications package with WLAN connection, energy management, numerous.



DATA  IMPUT PRIMO 3.0-1 PRIMO 3.5-1 PRIMO 3.6-1 PRIMO 4.0-1 PRIMO 4.6-1
Number of MPP followers 2
Max input current (Idc max 1/ Idc max 2) 12 A / 12 A
Maximum short circuit current of MPP1/MPP2 (Isc pv) * 24 A / 24 A
DC input voltage range (Udc min. - Udc max.) 80 - 1000 V
Commissioning voltage (start Udc) 80 V
MPP voltage range 80 - 800 V
Number of DC inputs 2 + 2
Max PV generator output (Pdc max.) 4,5 kWpico 5,3 kWpico 5,5 kWpico 6,0 kWpico 6,9 kWpico


OUTPUT DATA PRIMO 3.0-1 PRIMO 3.5-1 PRIMO 3.6-1 PRIMO 4.0-1 PRIMO 4.6-1
Rated AC power (Pac,r) 3000W 3.500 W 3.680 W 4000W 4600W
maximum power output 3.000 VA 3.500 VA 3.680 VA 4.000 VA 4.600 VA
AC output current (Iac nom.) 13 A 15,2 A 16 A 17,4 A 20 A
Grid coupling (voltage range) 1 ~ NPE 220 V / 230 V (180 V - 270 V)
Frequency (frequency range) 50 Hz / 60 Hz (45 - 65 Hz)
Nonlinear distortion coefficient < 3 %
Power factor (cos φac,r) 0,85 - 1 ind. / cap


GENERAL DATA PRIMO 3.0-1 PRIMO 3.5-1 PRIMO 3.6-1  PRIMO 4.0-1 PRIMO 4.6-1
Dimensions (height x width x depth) 645 x 431 x 204 mm
Weight 21,5 kg
protection type IP 65
protection class 1
Overvoltage category (DC / AC) 1) 2 / 3
nocturnal consumption < 1 W
investor concept without transformer
Refrigeration Regulated air cooling
Facility Indoor and outdoor installation
Ambient temperature range -40 - +55 °C
Permissible air humidity 0 - 100 %
maximum altitude 4.000 m
DC connection technology 4x X+ and 4 x DC screw terminals 2.5 - 16 mm²
Main connection technology 3-pole AC screw terminals 2.5 - 16 mm²
Certificates and compliance DIN V VDE 0126-1-1/A1, IEC 62109-1/-2, IEC 62116, IEC 61727,        AS 4777-2, AS 4777-3, G98/1, G99/1, CEI 0-21, VDE AR N 4105
Country of manufacture Austria


Maximum performance 98,0 % 98,0 % 98,0 % 98,1 % 98,1 %
European Yield (ηEU) 96,1 % 96,8 % 96,8 % 97,0 % 97,0 %
MPP Fitting Performance > 99,9 %


DC insulation measurement Yes
Overload behavior Duty point displacement, power limitation
DC disconnector Yes
Reverse polarity protection Yes


INTERFACES PRIMO 3.0-1 PRIMO 3.5-1 PRIMO 3.6-1 PRIMO 4.0-1 PRIMO 4.6-1
WLAN / Ethernet LAN Fronius Solar.web, Modbus TCP SunSpec, Fronius Solar API (JSON)
6 inputs and 4 digital inputs/outputs Wave Control Receiver Interface
USB (Conector A) 2) Datalogging, inverter update via USB
2 RJ 45 connectors (RS422) 2) Fronius Solar Net
Warning output 2) Energy management (potential free relay output)
Datalogger and web server Including
External input 2) S0-Meter / Input interface for overvoltage protection
RS485 Modbus RTU SunSpec or meter connection

1) According to IEC 62109-1.

2) Also available in the light version.


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