MPPT Regulator 100V 30A LCD 12/24V

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The MPPT Regulator 12V / 24V 30A LCD, advanced solar charge controller with MPPT maximizer. Connect solar panels up to 30A.


Technical characteristics Regulator MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V

This MPPT Controller for solar installations supports a maximum charge of 30A batteries. An added advantage of this type of regulator is that it can work with 12V or 24V batteries with automatic battery detection.

The MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V Regulator has an MPPT efficiency of 99% and a maximum energy conversion of 98% to have the minimum losses, one of the best on the market.

The algorithm that it incorporates for monitoring the maximum power of the MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V Regulator ensures rapid monitoring of the optimum point in the panel's work curve, thus it will adapt to the lighting conditions at any given moment, and we will have the possibility of working with a multi-stage charging mode, for absolute battery care.

Among other extras, the MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V Regulator has the following protections:

- Short circuit in the photovoltaic input. Normal operation will be restored when the short circuit is cleared.

- Reverse polarity in the photovoltaic field. The regulator incorporates protection to protect itself against this problem in the connection.

- Reverse battery polarity. The regulator will not start if the battery is not connected properly.

- Overload. If the power allowed by the regulator is exceeded, production is automatically limited to the maximum capacity established by the model.

- Output short circuit.

Maximum PV power that the 30A MPPT controller can convert to battery charge based on voltage

- At 12V: 400W of PV power.

- At 24V: 800W of PV power.


Connections of the Regulator MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V


Conexiones del Regulador MPPT 100V 20A LCD 12/24V


1- Charge in progress indicator.

2- Battery indicator.

3- CC consumption indicator.

4- Fault indicator.

5- Information LCD screen.

6- Operation buttons.

7- Operation button.

8- Panel positive terminal.

9- Panel negative terminal.

10- Positive battery terminal.

11- Negative battery terminal.

12- Positive CC consumption terminal.

13- CC consumption negative terminal.

14- Connector for the external temperature probe.

15- Connection for RS232 communications.

1- The first thing to do is connect the positive battery power cable. First we connect it to the regulator and then to the battery terminal. It is necessary to use the appropriate section for the power of this regulator, which in this case of 30A, with a 6 mm cable, would be sufficient, although 10 mm cable could preferably be used.

2- The second thing to connect is the negative cable to the battery. As with the positive cable, to prevent accidental contact, first insert the cable into the regulator connector and then make the connection to the battery terminal. At this point, the regulator is already active, and we can configure it or observe the parameters with the bluetooth plugin.

3- Next we can connect the positive cable that comes from the panels. We make sure it's the right end, even though we have reverse polarity protection, we need to connect the correct cable.

4- Finally, we connect the negative cable that comes from the panels. Once this step is completed, we can see how the charge LED lights up, since the regulator starts working according to the defined configuration.

5- We connect the consumption in CC in case of having them. We make sure that the consumer output is off to make this connection. It is totally forbidden to connect an inverter to this consumption output.

6- Finally, we can connect the connections of accessories such as the temperature probe or the bluetooth device, if available.

For disconnection, it is recommended to follow the reverse order and thus carry out this process safely for the proper functioning of the regulator.


Bluetooth Complement MPPT Controller 12/24V 30A

One of the accessories that can be added to this model of MPPT regulator is an adapter to provide it with monitoring and configuration via bluetooth. The bluetooth adapter is supplied separately from the regulator, so it must be purchased separately.

Thanks to the bluetooth interface, from our mobile phone, through the manufacturer's application, we can carry out a multitude of operations, such as:

- Visualize the parameters in real time of the regulator and also the historical data of production, very useful if we do not have a direct visual with the own screen that incorporates the regulator.

- Change the configuration of the type of battery between the predefined modes, being able to establish custom charging parameters.

- Check temperature and an estimated capacity of the battery.


Complement remote display Regulator MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V


Pantalla externa del Regulador MPPT 100V 20A LCD 12/24V

We have the possibility of using a screen with this MPPT regulator that offers us complete display options regarding production, operating status and also making adjustments to the configuration of the regulator itself.

In addition, thanks to the remote screen of the MPPT 12/24V Controller, we can see the log of errors and alarms of the device. The power supply of the screen is carried out through the cable with which it is connected to the regulator itself.

Keep in mind that the power supply of the screen runs through the same port as the bluetooth plug-in, so both plug-ins cannot be used simultaneously. If you want to purchase the remote screen for this regulator, you can purchase it directly on our website.


Installation Regulator MPPT 100V 30A LCD 12/24V

The installation of this MPPT controller is very simple, however AutoSolar recommends that you carefully follow the instructions for its installation and handling. If you have any questions, contact us to ensure that it is carried out correctly.

We strongly recommend that you consult the manufacturer's manual, which we make available to you for the installation and start-up of this MPPT controller. Any negligence due to improper installation, improper handling or improper use voids the product warranty.

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