Colored Solar Panels

Product no.: Panel de colores

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Solar panel of different colors, red, green, pink, gold, purple ideal for optimal integration within your environment.


The colored solar panels are exactly the same as the current solar panels, with the only difference that the color instead of being blue or black can be green, red, gold, purple, etc.

They are useful for both isolated solar installations and self-consumption solar installations.

Its biggest advantage is that they allow a perfect integration with your environment, if you have a normal Arabic tile roof you can put panels of a very similar color, if you also use our integration brackets the panels will be almost invisible on your roof.

Solar panels are available with powers of 255W and 29oW



  • Available in a variety of colours
  • A perfect colour match to your roof
  • Designed & Manufactured in EU
  • PID free
  • On-roof or BIPV
  • All relevant certificates
  • Module presorting for higher profitability
  • Supremely low degradation
  • 25-year linear performance guarantee

Available colours:

  • Red tile
  • Green pine
  • Gray
  • Hot Pink
  • Gold
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Olive green

Electrical specifications @ STC (AM 1.5, 1,000 W/m2, 25 °C):

Module Type (BMU/BMO or BSU/BSO) BMU/BSU 255 BMO/BSO 290*
Maximum Power PMPP [W] 255 290
Short Circuit Current ISC [A] 8.85 9.60
Open Circuit Voltage VOC [V] 38.9 40.2
MPP Current IMPP [A] 8.45 9.20
MPP Voltage VMPP [V] 30.2 31.5
Solar Cell Efficiency ɳC [%] 17.5 19.8
Module Efficiency ɳM [%] 15.6 17.7
Power Output Tolerance 0+5W (Rustic Red) / ± 3 % (other colours)
Maximum Reverse Current    18 A
Maximum System Voltage 1,000 V (Application Class A)
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