Energy saving system of 2 kW / day

Energy saving system of 2 kW / day

Product no.: Kit solar 2kw

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Micro Solar kit for energy saving 2Kw day with 250W panel and microinverter

The system generates about 2 Kw day

Generate your own energy and save on your electricity bill, you can partially cover their electricity consumption greater or lesser extent depending on the size of the installed kit.

The system can be installed in homes city, village or field.

The kit is amortized quickly and faster and faster due to the continuous increases of light.

The panels can be installed on roofs, covered terraces and even on the floor, the only condition is that gives them the sun as many hours as possible.

How you save?
The system produces in the downtown area between 1.600W on a winter day and 2.500W on a summer day, assuming an average of 2,000 W per day savings would be about 170 euros per year, which in less than six years I would have amortized the team and have free electricity over 20 years.

SAVING KIT MICRO KIT is made with:

  • 2 photovoltaic panels 250Wp polycrystalline.
  • 2 Microinverter 250W

The system can be extended up to max. 16 panels and investors. That is, until a total of 3.6 Kw
Optional SMI S system allows computer control thanks to its Wirless connection anywhere in the facility. Via computer all necessary data in total and for each panel are received

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