ATLAS4.0 wind turbine reduces energy costs

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ATLAS4.0 wind turbine meets the daily electrical needs of the home and reduces electricity costs.



The compact, streamlined design improves efficiency and lowers energy costs:

  • Independent power generation of 4 KW, capable of meeting the daily electrical needs of the home.
  • It can also be combined with small diesel engines and/or solar/photovoltaic panels. (Generates 3-phase AC, is converted to DC (+ and -) by the charge controller to charge DC batteries, or powers a grid inverter for on-site generation.)
  • The rotation starts at a wind speed of 5 m/s. Upon rotation, power is generated even at a wind speed of 4 m/s.
  • Larger wind catchment area. Catches wind from any direction, a popular choice for urban settings.
  • Quiet Operation and Small Profile: Low vibration and low noise with an improved redesigned design. TESUP creates lightweight rotor blades and hub flanges from specially manufactured corrosion-resistant aluminum.
  • Durable Aluminum Generator Body - One of TESUP's highly developed performance generators. Equipped with cooling fins, the composition of the generator body allows for the heating and cooling effect of the stator.
  • The maintenance-free (carbon-free) sliding contact ensures good current flow and therefore the cable does not twist on the pole.
  • The rotor disc contains a permanent magnet generator with N42 grade neodymium magnets with steel grooves inside.
  • A wax film protects the surfaces of the wind turbine and rotor blades from weather damage and increases the efficiency of the blades.
  • Easy and fast installation, approximately 30 minutes. The generator box close to the ground allows for easy maintenance.

Product Details.

  • Name: Atlas 4.0 Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
  • Power/Wattage: 4 kW at 15 m/s wind speed, powered by TESUP 5 kW
  • Generator voltage: 0-100V
  • Inverter voltage: 110/220/230V;
  • Generator weight: 20kg
  • Number of blades: 3
  • Purpose: small-scale power production and residential applications

TESUP Care product warranty: 1 year (included)

TESUP places the highest priority on safety. All products are fully certified in accordance with the relevant global standards: EN 61000-6-1 (electromagnetic compatibility immunity); EN 61000-6-3 (electromagnetic compatibility – emissions).


Advisory Warning:

Wind turbine blades must be covered during a category 3 hurricane (50–58 m/s) or higher.


Additional purchase option: TESUP wind charge controller

The TESUP wind charge controller significantly increases the lifespan and sustainability of all system components. This product safely and efficiently charges and controls your battery with the wind generator combination.


Product characteristics:

  •   Solid state components
  •   Manual brake function for emergencies
  •   Microprocessor controlled charging with integrated voltage and current limiting
  •   Modern three-step load dissipation system to avoid immediate blockage of the turbine
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