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If you need a quote for a self-consumption installation, you can do so at this link: ON-GRIDD SOLAR INSTALLATION QUOTE

The Hybrid Grid Inverter 3.0K FOX-ESS H1

Product no.: BET5133

1,130.00 *
Product data sheet

FRONIUS Primo GEN24 3.6kW Hybrid Inverter

Product no.: 3208071

2,040.00 *

Hybrid Three-Phase Inverter Growatt MOD 10000TL3-XH

Product no.: 3205170

1,599.00 *

Huawei SUN2000-2KTL-L1 2000W inverter

Product no.: 3200341

769.00 *
Product data sheet

Electric car charger for private home

Product no.: VE-ACE

599.00 *

3.6 Kw community garage electric car charger

Product no.: VE-EVC02-AC3W

589.00 *

Electric car charger for private parking

Product no.: VE-sile

799.00 *

Fronius Wattpilot 11J electric car charger

Product no.: BET4649

819.00 *
Old price 1,014.00 €

Compact freezer 12V/24V 70L

Product no.: DC 72D

589.00 *

50 L portable fridge with interior LED light 12/24V

Product no.: INDELB-TB51A

899.00 *

INDEL B 13 liter portable refrigerator 12/24V 35W

Product no.: TB013NN300AN

659.00 *

INDEL B Cruise49 refrigerator of 49 liters of 12/24VCC

Product no.: INDEL B-Cruise 49

819.00 *

Accumulator vertical with resistance Idrogas 100 liters

Product no.: SE-CC20022

350.00 *
Old price 445.00 €
Product data sheet

Accumulator horizontal with resistance Idrogas 100 liters

Product no.: SE-CC20027

409.00 *
Old price 449.00 €

Idrogas electric water heater with 80 liters capacity

Product no.: CC 20 004-aaa

209.00 *

Compact Electric Thermos 60 Liters - Clas. Energetic B

Product no.: 131935

379.00 *

Digital timer 12V for solar systems

Product no.: PD12V

22.00 *

Astronomical timer and switch Astro

Product no.: 99122

55.00 *

380V three phase digital programmer

Product no.: PD380V

49.00 *

Programmer 12V programmable seconds

Product no.: CN10212

29.00 *

400W waterproof portable solar kit for motorhomes

Product no.: LS-400BK

1,039.00 *

Solar Kit 200W 12V without Battery

Product no.: 4002537

210.00 *

Solar Kit for Caravans 12V 1000Whdia

Product no.: 4007011

495.00 *

Solar Kit for Caravans 600W 12V 1000Whdia

Product no.: 4007012

565.00 *

12v 100A/1305W Ultimatron Lithium Solar Battery

Product no.: UBL-12V-100AH

590.00 *
Product data sheet

12V 100Ah Tensite GEL battery for solar installations

Product no.: 1708238 DISPOINIBLE 2 DE JULIO

159.00 *

AGM Battery 12V-38A monoblock (C20) VICTRON

Product no.: 111-GM12-38

175.00 *

Trojan 27TMH 128A 12v monoblock batery

Product no.: 27TMH

409.00 *
Tax included and free shipment to spain
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Blog with questions and answer

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