Mini solar tracker of 3.2 m2

Product no.: sf04

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Mini solar tracker up to 3.4 m2 and 1 axis for installations of up to three solar panels

Mini follower of 3.4 m2 and 1 axis, special for roofs.

For isolated dwellings, for road and highway signs, for closed-circuit cameras of highways and other places, for mobile telephony antennas, for large single-axis photovoltaic power plants, for autonomous lampposts, etc.

The increase in performance compared to fixed panels is 26-30%, therefore, this follower is profitable from 1 m2 of panels, up to a maximum of 3.4 m2.

All followers can be controlled from a single point. This makes it like a giant follower.


  1. Surface: 3.2 m2
  2. Weight: 20Kg


Product Note Price
Kit daily consumption of 5.175W Kit daily consumption of 5.175W
4,219.00 € *
Tax included and free shipment to spain
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