Structure for three solar panels tile roof

Product no.: kht915(1x3)

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Structure to place three solar panels of any size on a tile roof both vertically and horizontally.


The Tile roof structure for two solar panels is designed for a structure of photovoltaic solar panels on tile

The Tile Roof Structure is designed to be installed horizontally, with the same inclination as the existing roof. Vertical installation is also possible, forming a vertical column.

The Tile Roof Structure is designed to withstand snow loads of up to 200N / m2, and a wind load of 29 m / s. In order for the Tile Roof Structure to withstand such loads, it is necessary that the fixing of the tile be checked beforehand, and that it is able to withstand said loads.

Before being installed, it must be verified that the envelope Structure of the roof is rigid enough to support the photovoltaic solar panels.

The materials of the Tile Roof Structure are made entirely of high quality aluminum, while the hardware and accessories are made of stainless steel.

The EN AW 6005A T6 alloy, is a high strength aluminum alloy, for this reason as well as for its ability to be anodized, it is used to make structural profiles. All present structures can be offered in anodized aluminum, whose advantage over raw aluminum structures is a greater resistance to corrosion.



  • Structure Fixation: About Texas
  • Structure Material: Aluminum EN AW 6005A T6. Stainless Steel Screws
  • Compatibility of Solar Panels: For all solar panels. Attach panel measurements in the order.
  • Structure Warranty: 25 years warranty
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