Folding solar panel from 60W to 300W

Product no.: SZ-60-36MFE-A
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Folding solar panel from 60W to 300W easy to carry and install on the ground, caravans or terraces.


This folding solar panel is perfect to carry and use anywhere, the panel has powers from 60W to 300W and folds in two or three parts forming a bag with a handle, it has very little weight and is shock resistant so you can take it anywhere, the countryside, your terrace, camping... you can also unfold it anywhere.

You can charge your mobile phone, use your laptop anywhere or any other electrical device.

Advantages of the portable solar panel:


  • The conversion rate of high efficiency solar cells reaches 16.85%;
  • Smart compatible interface. USB-A, 5V2A; Cell phone and computer charger-B, 5V3A;
  • It is used to charge mobile phones, laptops or other USB charging devices.
  • Equipped with the support bracket, you can look directly at the sun and charge the device.
  • Folding design, handbag shape, stylish and generous, easy to carry. An ideal choice for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities.
  • Compatible with OEM and ODM.

Area of application:

Avoid electricity loss: used on the roof of the car, charge the car battery at any time. It can prevent the car battery from losing electricity and solve the situation that the car cannot be started due to battery loss caused by long-term vehicle parking.

On-board appliances: By using on-board appliances, the original power of the car battery will not be lost (car audio, navigator, driving recorder, exhaust fan, car blower, car refrigerator, cell phone, etc.)

Experimental power generation: DIY experiments for schools.


Specifications of folding solar panel:

   (Specifies for each power)

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