Flexible Solar Panel 150W 12V Sunflex

Product no.: SUNFLEX-150W

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The Flexible Solar Panel 150W 12V Sunflex perfect to place on any surface whether curved or flat.



The flexible 150w 12v sunflex solar panel allows its use on curved surfaces and due to its high cell efficiency and small size. The flexible 150w 12v solar panel has 4 grommets to be screwed or fixed with tensioners. Ideal for caravans, boats, portable installations, electric vehicles. Thanks to its efficiency of more than 20% in the cells, the flexible 12 volt 150w solar panels achieve high power in a small space. Specially designed to adhere to curved surfaces or roofs that require a low bulk panel to offer low air resistance such as caravans or camper vans. The connection box is in the upper part of the panel so it is perfectly attached to any surface. Its low weight of only 2.8kg makes it perfect for portability.


Features of Sunflex 150W 12V Flexible Solar Panel

  • Exceptional flexibility and weight.
  • Simple and aesthetic assembly.
  • Very high performance.
  • This panel allows the recharging of the service or engine batteries.
  • Ideal to go aboard camper, professional vehicles.
  • Its light weight and adapt to the demands of nomadism, professional or amateur, Hiking, mountain, cinema, construction site, medical.
  • The panel can be simply glued or fixed on the roof of a vehicle or a villa.

Sunflex 150W 12V Flexible Solar panel data sheet


Maximum Power - Pmax (W) 150
Voltage at maximum power-Vmp (V) 18.2
Current at maximum Power-Imp (A) 8.24
Open circuit Voltage-Voc (V) 21.5
Short circuit Current-Isc (A) 8.77
Cell type Monocristaline
Maximum System Voltage 500V
Operating Temperature -40ºc-+85ºc
Power Tolerance % 0-+3%
Number of cells 36
Cable length (mm) 900 mm
Material of surface TPT
Dimensions (mm) 1510 X 670 X 3 mm
Weight Kg 6.2
Warranty 25 años en potencia y contra defecto de fabricación 5 años


Photovoltaic solar panels.- They transform solar energy into electrical energy (electricity) to be reused in real time, to feed the electrical consumption of a house (for example, lighting, refrigerator, television and any other normal electrical appliance). Plants can be isolated or connected to the normal power supply (red). In the latter case, if you produce more energy than you consume, the plant gives up the excess to the energy from the grid, otherwise it will rely on the grid to satisfy the requirements (the so-called "energy bill") .

Flexible Panels .- The renewable energy sector has undergone constant changes over the years and the industry that is responsible for the creation of solar panels is not lagging behind. Currently, we can find flexible solar panels on the market, so called because they are adaptable to any surface on which you want to install. In addition, many of them are made of organic materials and graphene, which makes them even more efficient. The only requirement that must be given for its operation to be fully effective is that the panels receive a sufficient amount of solar radiation for their transformation into energy.

When we talk about flexible solar panels we mean a highly malleable type of portable device that, therefore, can be placed on any surface, including curved surfaces, such as factory roofs. These flexible photovoltaic panels have an internal system that allows their silicon cells to capture solar radiation without the need for a rigid structure. Its structure is thin and flexible and, normally, it is made of aluminum or plastic, covered by silicon, a transparent conductive layer and, finally, it is laminated with Teflon or a similar material, to prevent the module from being damaged due to humidity .

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