2 axis solar tracker valid for up to 2 solar panels

Product no.: ST44M2V2P

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Two-axis Solar Tracker for Two Solar Panels for Greater Energy Efficiency and Optimal Performance


Description of the solar tracker

The Solar Tracker for 2 solar panels is the perfect solution to maximize solar energy production in your residential or commercial project. Designed to accommodate two solar panels, this dual-panel solar tracker stands out for its efficiency, low cost, and two-axis tracking capabilities.

Featured Features:

Energy Efficiency: With a design that tracks the sun in two axes (azimuth and elevation), our solar tracker ensures that your solar panels are always facing the light source, maximizing solar energy capture throughout the day.

Compact and Portable: This small and compact solar tracker is ideal for residential applications and small-scale solar projects. Its portability makes it easy to install in any location.

Easy to Install: The mounting system is intuitive and suitable for DIY projects. Includes detailed instructions for hassle-free installation.

Durability and Quality: Manufactured from high quality materials, the ST44M2V2P is designed to withstand the most demanding weather conditions, ensuring long-term reliable performance.

Application Versatility: Perfect for charging batteries, solar gardens, solar orchards and energy efficiency applications.

Increase your solar energy production efficiently and affordably with the Solar Tracker. Get the most out of your solar panels and get a faster return on investment!

The 2-axis solar tracker is useful for grid connections or self-consumption and can be placed on the roof of houses, traffic signs, public lighting, country houses, power plants, etc.

Wind resistance is max. 144 km/h, 10 min. average wind speed 50 km/h. In one year with the dual-axis system, you can earn 7% more energy income compared to a single-axis system, and up to 33% more energy income compared to a fixed solar system.

Also, this solar tracker includes the anti-shading software function, however, the ground screw and main pole are not part of this solar tracking package.

Technical description of the 2-axis solar tracker w backstr for 2 solar panels

  • Number of movement axes: 2—axes
  • Astronomical Tracking Algorithm: Yes, 0.5 degree accuracy (0.1 ****)
  • CPV Usage (Concentrated PV Usage): Yes, all types including round parabolic dishes, but mainly served by 3 flat solar panels.
  • Dimensions: 0.99m × 1.65m
  • Weight; 20kg each
  • Solar panel surface: united by 3.3 m2
  • Real time clock and date with bck. battery: yes, included
  • USB or RS485 interface to PC: yes, included
  • Network communication type: RS485
  • Type of application program for supervision and adjustment: Solar tracking system, monitor through Helios analysis.
  • Configuration via PC: Yes
  • Tracking via PC: Yes
  • Update via PC: Yes
  • Control and driving via PC: Yes
  • Options (marked with **** are for additional payment): Heliostat can be used.
  • Expected lifetime: 800-1000h motor running (DC motor is replaced every 8 years if every day is one cycle), backup battery is replaced every 3–5 years if battery is on, the other 25 years.
  • Hour angle: 100° (50°E + 50°W).
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