Stationary battery 3 SOPzS-390 Turbo Energy 385Ah

Product no.: DS-001667

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6 units of stationary battery 3 SOPzS390 of 385Ah with easy maintenance and long useful life for isolated solar installations.


The stationary batteries are manufactured with tubular positive plates, special lead alloy and sliding poles, they have an optimized design to store energy in residential areas with structured solar telecommunications installations.

The 3 SOPzS 390 stationary battery is indicated for the energy supply of isolated photovoltaic solar systems, small wind power, hybrid installations with a diesel generator, pumping systems, electrification, telecommunications and signaling, computers, emergency lighting, alarms, airports or navigation. maritime.

This battery is focused on renewable energy are a cost-effective and optimized solution, after extensive experience in the design of industrial batteries, which results in a combination of exceptional advantages.



  • Simple maintenance, easy and sporadic filling tasks.
  • Long service life, the low concentration of antimony in the alloys make it possible to obtain unique advantages such as extending its periodic operation to a discharge depth of 60% with a service life of 2000 cycles at 20ºC.
  • Reliability and performance.
  • Optimized space, due to the optimized racks that seek flexibility and comfort in installation.
  • Safety since they comply with the European and global operational regulations.
  • Optimum total cost of ownership (TCO), cost efficiency per cycle, and long life.

Ficha Técnica


Load capacity per hour Ah(C10) :270Ah
Load capacity per hour Ah(C100):385Ah
Dimensions  198x83x478mm
Weight 18,3 Kg
Warranty 2 years



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