Heat sink for solar thermal

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Heat sink six vias for thermal solar energy. Valid for installations thermosyphon or forced.


Heat sink for solar thermal energy, both thermosyphon and forced. 
The cosets of Disipasol comprises a thermostatic valve preset to 90 provided with a thermostatic actuator and of a heat exchanger by natural convection (flow of fluid by gravity). 
Its performance does not depend on valves, pumps, fans or anything with power supply.
Avoids problems: 
  • Overheating sensors 
  • Corrosion and fouling inside the manifolds 
  • Cavitation in pumps 
  • Aging selective surfaces of the manifolds 
  • Degradation and / or loss of fluid caloportante 
  • Aging installation 
  • Increased expansion vessels 
It works by: 
A thermostatic valve preset at 90 begins to open when the temperature reaches 90 degrees and these are fully open to get to the 95th, allowing the heat transfer fluid flow through Disipasol, removing excess heat from the solar collectors 
  • 1975mm long 
  • 184 mm wide 
  • 3.4 kg 
  • Connecting tube diameter: 28 mm 
It is also available with a valve opening 75 ° for the same price.

We also have sinks for large installations. Request custom quote


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