Anodo magnesium for solar equipment

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The panel is fitted with a magnesium anode to for protection against galvanic currents and every 8-12 months is mandatory replacement.


What is the magnesium anode?

Without giving a technical definition, we can say that the magnesium anode (also called sacrificial anode) is a kind of rod, usually made of steel, coated with magnesium. It is the main piece in all thermos, since it protects it from wear and corrosion.

Magnesium anode
Magnesium anode in good condition

Generally, the buckets or accumulators of the thermos are made of vitrified steel. When it is filled with water, an electrolytic reaction takes place inside it that tends to corrode its walls. To protect it from said reaction, the magnesium anode is incorporated.

The magnesium anode absorbs that chemical activity produced by the oxidation, suffering the wear themselves. In this way, the element they protect (thermos tank) remains in good condition. Magnesium and aluminum are more reactive than steel, which is why they are used as anodes.

Nowadays it is used in all situations where it is necessary to protect a metal from water.

In those geographical areas where the level of lime is very high, it is advisable to check the inside of the thermos every year or year and a half, and replace the magnesium anode.

It must be said that to change the magnesium anode, a certain skill is needed, since in some cases it involves dismounting the boiler from the thermos. In any case, you can always count on the help of a plumbing professional.

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