Regulator Steca Solarix 2401 40A / 10A 12V / 24V LEDs

Product no.: 223-124-040

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Regulator Steca Solarix 2401 40A / 10A 12V / 24V with LED indicators for small power solar installations.

The Steca Solarix 2401 and 4401 solar charge controllers are ideal for inverter systems. The inverter must be connected directly to the battery. The Steca Solarix 2401 and 4401 combine the elementary functions of a charge controller with a 40 A high-power load controller available in 12 V / 24 V and 48 V.

In this way, it offers an especially attractive price-quality ratio. The working current is limited to 10 A. The charging processes are governed by the voltage level, which can be adjusted individually with the 4 keys located behind the front housing.

Product characteristics


  1. Hybrid regulator
  2. Voltage regulation
  3. Automatic tension selection
  4. MAP regulation
  5. Stepped load technology
  6. Load disconnection as a function of voltage
  7. Automatic reconnection of the consumer
  8. Temperature compensation
  9. Grounding in one or several positive terminals or only in one of the negative terminals
  10. Self-test function
  11. Monthly maintenance charge

Electronic protection functions


  • Protection against overload
  • Protection against total discharge
  • Reverse polarity protection of the modules, the load and the battery
  • Protection against reverse polarity by internal fuse
  • Automatic electronic fuse
  • Protection against short-circuit of the load and the solar modules
  • Protection against overvoltage at the input of the module
  • Protection against open circuit without battery
  • Protection against reverse current at night
  • Protection against overtemperature and overload
  • Overvoltage disconnection in the battery
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