6 ampers solar regulator 12/24V Solsum 6.6

Product no.: solsum 6.6

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System voltage regulator 12V / 24V, module 6A current, consumption current 6A.


The circuit board is completely electronically protected and, thanks to the LED user interface, it is possible to read the battery status at any time and easily. The widely designed terminals allow a simple connection between the solar panels, the battery and the consumer. The Steca Solsum F functions as a series controller by energy efficient pulse duration modulation.

Product characteristics

  1. Series regulator
  2. Voltage regulation
  3. Automatic tension selection
  4. MAP regulation
  5. Stepped load technology
  6. Disconnection of load depending on the current
  7. Automatic reconnection of the consumer
  8. Temperature compensation
  9. Grounding in one or several positive terminals or only in one of the negative terminals
  10. Monthly maintenance charge
  11. Electronic protection functions
  • Protection against overload
  • Protection against total discharge
  • Reverse polarity protection of the modules, the load and the battery
  • Automatic electronic fuse
  • Protection against short-circuit of the load and the solar modules
  • Protection against overvoltage at the input of the module
  • Protection against open circuit without battery
  • Protection against reverse current at night
  • Protection against overtemperature and overload
  • Overvoltage disconnection in the battery


  • Multifunctional LED display
  • LED of various colors
  • 4 LEDs indicate the operating states for operation, state of charge, fault messages
  • Certifications

In accordance with European standards (CE)
RoHS compliant
Developed in Germany
Manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

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